Chair Massage Vs Deep Tissue Massage

Chair Massage Vs Deep Tissue Massage

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The purpose of massage is to get rid of tension, stress, and pain and relax. Massage can be divided into two main types, deep-tissue massage and chair massage. A typical experience of deep-tissue massage includes the therapist applying lotion or oil to your back and other areas that
need attention, then using long strokes and gentle pressure on muscles that have built up tension throughout the day. It can be highly relaxing for those people who receive them regularly. While for chair massage, you do not need any therapist. You can do it alone easily at home. You need to know how to adjust it and should be aware of its functions.


What is Chair Massage?

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Chair massage is a light-touch therapy that anyone can do with the proper training. Chair massages are cost-effective and quick enough to fit into small pockets of time like lunch breaks while still providing some benefits. Chair massages can also be done safely at home because
there is no need for lying down. This massage focuses on the back, neck, and shoulders muscles of people who suffer from chronic pain. It involves no oils or any special skills such as lotion application.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

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It is a specific kind of bodywork designed to address issues in the deepest layers of soft tissues. It is also called deep tissue sports massage. Deep Tissue Massage is a type of therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and is given by trained therapists who use their hands and sometimes elbows or feet to work on muscle tension in your back muscles. It is a specific kind of bodywork designed to address issues in the deepest layers of soft tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, which connect muscles to bones at joints. The pressure used for this type of therapy targets trigger points -areas where multiple fibres of a single nerve become entrapped by surrounding muscles causing pain throughout an entire region, including joints above and below the area affected by the trigger point. Due to referred pain, symptoms may be felt elsewhere or several sections away from their actual location.

Chair Massage Vs Deep Tissue Massage

Now take a look at what distinguishes deep tissue from chair massage.


The variation between both types is the amount of pressure and technique applied to the body.

  1. Deep tissue massage uses deep, circular movements, slow strokes, firm kneading, and friction techniques to release tension in muscles usually hidden beneath other layers of muscle.
  2. Chair massages are more sensitive and gentle than deep tissue because they do not go as deep into muscles. They work on the top layers of muscle by using long gliding strokes that target areas like your shoulders or lower back where you hold most of the stress from daily activities such as driving, sitting at a desk all day working etc.


  1. Deep tissue massage is effective for people looking to release chronic tension, especially those with knots in their back.
  2. Chair massage can be very effective after an intense workout since it helps reduce fatigue and speeds up recovery time.


These two types of massages also differ in the time they take:

  1. Chair massage takes about 20 minutes.
  2. Deep tissue usually lasts for at least 45 minutes.


  1. Deep tissue massage benefits: This massage therapy targets the deep tissue and muscles, focusing on those areas that hold tension. The therapist concentrates on releasing these negative energies so you can feel calm and relaxed when finished.
  2. Chair Massage benefits: One of the benefits is getting chair massages in an office setting without any privacy issues. Another advantage is that it is usually not as expensive as a deep tissue massage but still offers many benefits. Yet another benefit to receiving a chair massage over deep tissue would be that there are no special skills needed.

Which one is better? Chair Massage Or Deep Tissue Massage!

This choice will vary from person-to-person depending on their preferences and needs. A medical report indicates that one is not necessarily better than the other but may depend on your needs at any given time. If you are looking for a way to reduce tension or chronic pain in some
regions of your body, there is no doubt that deep tissue massage is best for people who have tense muscles and chronic aches. But suppose you are looking for something less intense as an overall stress-reliever or want some relaxation after a long day. In that case, chair massages are better, especially if you want a quick fix or enjoy some relaxation time on massage chair


Chair Massage is a great way to relax and feel better. It provides general relief of pain, tension, stress, stiffness and fatigue in muscles without intense pressure like deep- tissue massage. If you are looking for something with less intensity but still want the benefits of a massage, chair
massages can be your choice. But if you need more intense therapy, it is recommended to go with deep-tissue massage, which will provide deeper muscle manipulation techniques that aim to reduce chronic pain, improve circulation, and restore range of motion throughout the body’s joints.

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