Nackie Karcher


“If art is the bridge between what you see in your mind and what the world sees, then skill is how you build that bridge.”

Nackie Karcher, owner of The Parlour Brooklyn in New York has been working as a stylist for nearly 20 years. In college, she majored in Photography and Sculpture giving her an insight to two and three dimensional form. Nackie’s career kicked off in Miami’s South Beach as a hair and makeup artist. While in Miami, she made contacts with photo crews from New York and started to pursue work there. In 2003, Nackie moved to New York and landed a job as lead stylist alongside owner April Barton at Suite 303 while continuing to freelance. In 2008, Nackie left Suite 303 to open The Parlour Brooklyn in the spring of 2009. Nackie focuses on educating her staff with cutting classes featuring vintage haircuts with advanced cutting techniques to add a modern twist. One of her favorite classes to teach is building a foundation in the hair to make a style last all night and into the next day. In coloring hair, Nackie’s color inspiration is seasonal hair color with soft highlights using Davines Flamboyage technique. She also specializes in curly hair cutting and Brooklyn brides. In 2006, Karcher became an educator for Davines, the official brand of The Parlour Brooklyn, and is currently on their North American Artistic Team, working with Creative Director Angelo Seminara and teaching for distributors in North America.

Her work has been seen in French Vogue, Russian Vogue, Nylon Magazine, Fader, and many others. Her commercial clients among others have been: Adidas, Prps Jeans, Nike, Target. Nackie has keyed several fashion shows including Mara Hoffman and Hayden-Harnett. Her client list includes Shalom Harlow, Kyp Malone of TV on The Radio, Luke Jenner of The Rapture, Mara Hoffman and many other artists, musicians and fashion industry types. Working together with creative clients is a great inspiration to her and helps to keep pushing the envelope of where art, music and fashion always collide.

“For me, hair is a three dimensional work of art. Whether it is curly, kinky, straight or thinning, my aim is to enhance, deconstruct or create an illusion.”

Karcher is one of the original founders of The Greenpoint Business Alliance and regularly hosts events at The Parlour Brooklyn, bringing together local vendors, restaurateurs, designers, artists and bands. Having lived in Greenpoint since 2004, Karcher has watched the neighborhood evolve from its humble roots as a quaint industrial neighborhood to a thriving community of artists and young business owners while never losing its soul. Embracing Greenpoint’s rich history, The Parlour Brooklyn incorporates design details derived from beauty parlors of the past with a team of stylists that are always looking to the future.

Jill McArthur


Growing up in a small north Texas town, Jill moved to Albuquerque to persue her interest in art and photography, but quickly found refuge in expressing herself through hair. After attending the New Mexico Aveda Institute, she immersed herself in the Southwest, drawing influence from the vibrant landscape and indigenous culture. Keeping true to nature, Jill has spent the last twelve years guiding her clients on how to achieve effortless beauty in their hair, with a regimine/routine suitable to their lifestyles.

Since moving to New York in 2010, Jill has established herself as a Senior Stylist and educator at The Parlour Brooklyn as well as a part of the Davines Regional Artistic Team. Here she and her peers, help to mentor and develop up and coming talent. By seeking out all levels of education, Jill is able to bring back a wealth of knowledge to share with the team as well as her clients.

Meg Costello


Meg discovered hair while attending college outside of Washington, D.C. and searching for a creative outlet. There she met hairstylists who inspired her to try something outside of herself. Hair was the challenge she wanted to take on. After graduating from Paul Mitchell in Rockville, Maryland, Meg had New York in her sights. If she was going to do hair, she wanted to do it in the city that would inspire and motivate her the most and push her to be the best she could be.

While in New York, Meg searched for her ‘home’. She found the right fit with Nackie Karcher at the Parlour Brooklyn. Working closely with Nackie and her team, attending classes and absorbing every morsel of knowledge she could, this helped Meg discover her own voice. After 4 years of hard work, Meg is a Senior Stylist and Educator at The Parlour Brooklyn and as well as educator for the Davines Regional Artistic Team. She has learned to work with her clients and educate them about their hair, teaching them how to make it better and more beautiful. By giving them hairstyles that fit their personality, Meg hopes they can feel distinct and empowered to create new looks for themselves. Meg pushes for constant change and feels no one should ever feel stuck in a specific look.

Inspired by the wandering nomad, she has the ability to help her clients look beautiful and edgy in an effortless way. Through travelling all over the world, Meg finds inspiration in different landscapes, how hair changes with climate, geography, and seasons. She is able to come back to the salon after each trip inspiring her teammates and clients alike.

From The Little Prince, words that Meg lives by and how she approaches hair: “When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey.”

Allie Hipona


Allie Hipona’s easy, effortless style and romantic spirit carries into each of the looks she creates for her clients at The Parlour Brooklyn. Having worked as an apprentice at Bumble & Bumble and styled hair at High Horse Salon and Hair Metal, she has fine-tuned her craft in textured styles, braiding and blow-outs, in addition to wedding hairstyles. “A big part of my inspiration is surrealism, romanticism, the unique and ethereal in nature—my passion is to recreate these elements into wearable looks for everyday that are flattering and natural.”

Heather Shea


Heather brings to the Parlour Brooklyn over a decade of experience cutting and coloring hair. Starting at the James Alan Salon in Seattle in 1999, she rose through the ranks to become the salon’s education coordinator and also worked as an Artistic Team Member for AG Hair Cosmetics. Heather’s talent for creating classic, soft and romantic looks for long hair, feminine crops for short hair and naturally beautiful color and highlights make her an asset to The Parlour Brooklyn. She gathers her inspiration for creating a diverse range of looks from infinite sources. “I’m inspired by the connection I make with my client and making them feel beautiful, by people I see when I walk in Brooklyn and when I ride the subway and of course, the people I work with and the stylists I’ve met.”

Taaron Sundby


The Parlour Brooklyn’s Taaron Sundby rounds out the salon’s family with his specialty in cuts and styling and creating deconstructed looks for hair. Having worked at Toni & Guy in Colorado Springs, Woodley & Bunny and Sally Hershberger where he taught blow drying classes to apprentices, Taaron also worked on the set of the Nate Berkus Show doing hair for an episode on makeovers. Sporting the longest hair in the salon, Taaron creates distinct looks for shorter hair and longer men’s hair and believes style can speak volumes about an individual. “Your hair speaks on your behalf before your lips get the chance to—when it comes to hairstyle say something, I’m listening.”

Jennifer Pyle


The Parlour Brooklyn’s Core Stylist, Jennifer Pyle, believes that with hair, much like the aesthetics of good design, standout style comes down to clean lines and the impact of rich, beautiful color. Before entering into the Cosmetology field in 2010, Jennifer spent seven years as a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Longing to break free of her days behind a desk, she jumped at the opportunity to pursue a Cosmetology education at The Aveda Institute. It was here where she came to embrace her true passion—making people happy through the process of transformation, a veritable hands-on design process that enhances the natural beauty of her clients. Jennifer joined The Parlour Brooklyn in early 2011 where she’s been making her mark as a colorist and stylist, with her natural expertise being in elegantly tapered and cleanly layered cuts. Not to let her passion for design go to waste, Jennifer designed The Parlour Brooklyn’s new website which we are completely in love with.

“A person’s hairstyle is a manifestation of self-expression. As a hairstylist, it is my job to bring that to physical form with my clients. One of the most rewarding parts of my profession is having the ability to make a person feel better about themselves—not just in the salon but everyday.”

Cynthia Yardley


California native Cynthia Yardley is a warm and sunny addition to The Parlour Brooklyn’s team of Core Stylists. Taking a collaborative approach to cutting and coloring hair, she creates looks that are fanciful, sophisticated and always reflective of her client’s self-expression. “I love the process of brainstorming with my clients on color. Going through a stack of inspirational pictures and picking something together that’s unique and shows off their individuality is such a wonderful creative process.”

With a masters in Fine Art from UC Davis, Cynthia has a deep appreciation for the power of color and the impact of movement in a hairstyle—she also knows that sometimes the best cuts can’t be explained by words alone. “I love it when my clients play me a song or describe a feeling and then say, “I want my hair to feel like that.” Cynthia graduated from the Carsten Aveda Institute in NYC. In addition to color and styling for both long locks and short, Cynthia also specializes in clean, timeless haircuts for gentlemen.

Danielle Hartnett


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel

With a beauty background gleaned from MAC and Bare Escentuals, Danielle Hartnett is prettying up The Parlour Brooklyn with her natural eye for gorgeous makeup. Hailing from the sunny west coast, Danielle’s sartorial flair for modern meets vintage and a penchant for old Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn films, inspire her cosmetic creations and makes her a perfect fit for The Parlour. Says Hartnett, “I love to bring out the natural beauty in others by enhancing their favorite features, but I also believe a bold lip and cat eye looks great on everyone!” Danielle understands the importance of making a polished presentation every day with the confidence-boosting power of makeup. “If you spend that extra five minutes on yourself before you walk out the door, it makes a difference not only to you, but those who interact with you.”

Jessica Hammill


“Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can—all of them make me laugh.” W. H. Auden

Manager and Events Coordinator Jessica Hammill, keeps The Parlour Brooklyn’s stylists and clients in good spirits while ensuring appointments stay punctual and the salon runs smoothly. As the beautiful open layout of The Parlour Brooklyn is frequently transformed into an event space, Jessica acts as the salon maestro, orchestrating parties and events. “I love being in a space that not only makes an impact on how people feel about themselves, but witnessing the positive effect The Parlour Brooklyn is having on the community.” One could say Jessica’s natural ability to harmoniously organize everything from holiday mixers, to in-salon art shows, bridal events and private parties has been gleaned from the combination of 13 years in management at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and events like Arms Around Haiti at Public Assembly and Miami’s Glam Rock Circus. With her dearth of connections to locally loved makeup artists, calligraphers, milliners, dressmakers, bakers and caterers, Jessica is The Parlour Brooklyn’s go-to girl for wedding planning, bridal industry networking events and day-of coordination.