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Best Hair Dreadlocks Consumer Reviews And Reports

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Dreadlocks have been worn by people all over the world for centuries. Dreadlocks are matted coils of hair. They are typically formed when natural hair is allowed to grow without being combed or brushed. The individual strands of hair tangle together, forming the distinctive locks.


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Helpful Information About Hair Dreadlocks

Types of Dreads

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of dreads you want. There are two main types: synthetic and natural.

  1. Synthetic dreads are made from synthetic materials like nylon or polyester, while natural dreads are made from human hair. They are easier to care for and maintain, but they don’t look as natural as human hair dreads. They’re also more likely to slip out or break if not properly cared for.
    Synthetic dreads
    Synthetic dreads
  2. Natural dreads are made from human hair, so they look more natural and are less likely to break or slip out. However, they’re also more difficult to care for and maintain.
    Natural dreads
    Natural dreads

Different Methods Of Getting Dreadlocks

Once you’ve decided on the type of dreads you want, it’s time to choose a method. There are several different methods of getting dreadlocks. Here are some of the best one’s.

  1. Backcombing: This is where you use a fine-toothed comb to backcomb your hair into dreads. It’s a simple process, but it can take a while to do if you have long hair.
  2. Twisting: This is where you take small sections of hair and twist them around each other. This method is quicker than backcombing, but it can be a little more difficult to do if you have long hair.
  3. Crocheting: This is where you use a crochet needle to create dreads. This method is the quickest and easiest way to get dreadlocks, but it can be a little more difficult to do if you have long hair.

Different Ways For Dreading Hair

Once you’ve chosen your method, it’s time to start dreading your hair. There are a few different ways to do this, but we’ve compiled the best of the best so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

  1. Using a comb: This is the simplest way to dread your hair, but it can take a while to do if you have long hair.
  2. Using a crochet needle. This method is quicker and easier, but it can be a little more difficult to do if you have long hair.
  3. Using a needle and thread. This method is the quickest and easiest, but it can be a little more difficult to do if you have long hair.

Some Misconceptions About Dreadlocks

  • Some people believe that they are dirty or unhygienic. However, if they are properly cared for, dreadlocks can be just as clean as any other type of hairstyle.
  • Another common misconception is that people with dreadlocks don’t wash their hair. Again, this is not true. People with dreadlocks must wash their hair regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and oil.
  • Some people also believe that dreadlocks are permanent. While it is true that they can be difficult to remove, it is possible to undo them with the help of a professional hairstylist.

Benefits Of Dreadlocks

  1. Dreadlocks can be a low-maintenance hairstyle, which is one of the reasons why they are often worn by people who are active and don’t have a lot of time to style their hair.
  2. They can help protect the hair from damage. The individual locks can act as a barrier against the elements, such as wind and sun.
  3. Dreadlocks can also be used to create unique and stylish hairstyles. There are many different ways to wear dreadlocks, and they can be styled in a variety of ways to suit any taste.

Top 10 Best Hair Dreadlocks Consumer Reports

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Taliah Waajid Total Body Black Earth Shampoo

If you’re on the hunt for a shampoo that caters to dreadlocks, you’ve landed in the right place. The Taliah Waajid Total Body Black Earth Shampoo is here to impress, and after putting it through its paces, I’m ready to spill the beans.


  1. Aromatic Delight: Right out of the gate, the scent of this shampoo is a winner. It’s a subtle blend of earthiness with a hint of floral sweetness. Perfect for those who want to step out of the shower smelling like they’ve just left a spa retreat.
  2. Residue-Free Magic: No one likes a shampoo that leaves their locks feeling sticky or weighed down. The Black Earth Shampoo has mastered the art of thorough cleansing without the unsightly residue. Your hair feels clean, pure, and ready for whatever style you have in mind.
  3. Lock-Friendly Formula: Maintaining dreadlocks can be tricky, but this shampoo makes it easier. It strikes a balance between cleaning effectively and preserving the integrity of your dreads. No unraveling, just a neat and tidy outcome.
  4. Sensational Softness: Dreadlocks can sometimes feel coarse, but this shampoo brings a pleasant surprise. After use, my hair felt remarkably soft. It’s like getting a dose of hydration without any heavy conditioning.
  5. Aroma That Lingers: I love a good-smelling shampoo, but it’s even better when that fragrance lingers. The scent of the Black Earth Shampoo stays with you throughout the day, giving your hair an extra boost of freshness.

Now, let’s talk about the one thing I found less than ideal:

Lack of Lather: If you’re someone who associates lots of lather with a thorough cleansing, you might be a tad disappointed. This shampoo doesn’t create a sudsy spectacle, which can be disconcerting if you’re used to it. However, it’s essential to note that the effectiveness of a shampoo isn’t solely measured by its suds.

In conclusion, the Taliah Waajid Total Body Black Earth Shampoo is a fantastic choice for dreadlock enthusiasts. It brings a delightful fragrance, leaves no residue, and softens your locks – all the while maintaining their structure. While it might not be the sudsiest shampoo on the block, it gets the job done where it matters most: your hair. Give it a try, and you’ll likely find yourself enjoying the benefits of this lock-friendly gem. Your dreadlocks will thank you.


Feature Taliah Waajid Black Earth Shampoo
Aromatic Scent Earthy with a hint of floral
Residue-Free Yes
Lock-Friendly Formula Preserves dreadlock integrity
Softens Hair Yes
Long-Lasting Fragrance Yes
Lathering Ability Low

Locsanity Rosewater and Peppermint Daily Moisturizing Spray

In the world of hair care, finding a product that’s a game-changer is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. Well, folks, I’ve found that treasure, and it goes by the name of Locsanity Rosewater and Peppermint Daily Moisturizing Spray. Allow me to take you on a journey through the pros and cons of this haircare gem.


1. Ultimate Dry Scalp Relief: If you’ve ever battled with a dry, itchy scalp, you’ll understand the sheer relief of finding a product that actually works. The Locsanity spray, enriched with rose water and peppermint oil, is like a soothing balm for your scalp. I’ve been using it for seven months now, and the difference it’s made is astounding. No more incessant itching or flakiness. It’s like a spa day for your scalp.

2. Hair Hydration Masterclass: Dry, brittle locks are a dreadlock owner’s worst nightmare. Enter Locsanity’s moisturizing spray. This stuff is like a tall glass of water for your hair. It doesn’t just hydrate; it deeply nourishes. Your locks will thank you by looking shinier and healthier than ever. It’s so effective that I’ve practically bid adieu to my arsenal of hair oils.

3. Fresh Peppermint Scent: You know that invigorating feeling of a fresh breath mint? Well, imagine that for your hair. The peppermint scent in this spray is not just a pleasant afterthought; it’s an experience. It’s like a burst of freshness every time you use it.

4. Versatile for All Hair Types: Whether you’re sporting dreadlocks or have loose hair, this product has got your back. It’s not exclusive to a single hair type, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to combat dryness.


1. Tricky Spray Nozzle: While the product comes with a spray nozzle, I found it a bit tricky to use. It wasn’t the most user-friendly experience. However, some people seem to have no issues with it, so your mileage may vary. Personally, I prefer pouring it into a continuous mist spray bottle for a more controlled application.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the price. It’s not the cheapest option on the market, but considering the effectiveness and the fact that you won’t need to stock up on multiple products, it’s a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, Locsanity Rosewater and Peppermint Daily Moisturizing Spray is a game-changer in the world of haircare. It provides unparalleled relief for dry scalp, deeply hydrates your locks, and leaves you with a fresh peppermint scent that’s simply delightful. While the spray nozzle might be a tad tricky, it’s a minor hiccup in an otherwise stellar product. Say goodbye to dry, itchy scalps and hello to the hair you’ve always dreamed of. Give it a try and experience the transformation for yourself. Your locks will thank you.


Feature Locsanity Rosewater and Peppermint Spray
Dry Scalp Relief Highly Effective
Hair Hydration Exceptional
Scent Fresh Peppermint
Suitable for All Hair Types Yes
Spray Nozzle Ease of Use Tricky, Preferred Alternative

It’s Natural Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner

If you’re on a quest for luscious, well-nourished dreadlocks, look no further than the “It’s Natural Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner.” I’ve put this product to the test, and it’s time to spill the coconut-scented beans on what makes it stand out in the crowd.


  1. Coconut Paradise: The moment you uncork this conditioner, you’re greeted by an intoxicating blast of coconut aroma. It’s a tropical getaway for your senses, and I found it delightful. However, if you’re not a coconut enthusiast, this might not be your cup of (coconut) tea.
  2. Mist Magic: The nozzle on this product deserves a round of applause. It delivers a fine, even mist, ensuring zero wastage. No globs, no drips, just a perfect, controlled application.
  3. Weightless Wonder: What I love most is that it’s a leave-in conditioner with no sticky aftermath. It vanishes into your hair without leaving any annoying residue or making it feel heavy. Your locks are left feeling naturally soft and refreshed.
  4. Detangle Dynamo: This product moonlights as a detangler. A few spritzes on damp hair, and knots and tangles seem to disappear with a magical touch. It’s a time-saver and a savior for those knotty hair days.
  5. Edge Elegance: While this is not its primary function, it’s worth mentioning that it helps hold down those pesky edges. I’ve tried it, and it does a commendable job without any crusty side effects.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—product build-up. While it’s an excellent leave-in conditioner, I did notice a bit of build-up after three days of consecutive use. But here’s the twist: it’s easily remedied. Simply remove the excess with a gentle brush or comb and reapply. It’s a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience.

In the grand scheme of things, the “It’s Natural Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner” is a winner for anyone aiming to maintain those dreadlocks in tip-top condition. Its unique blend of coconut goodness, efficient mist delivery, weightless formula, and detangling prowess make it a standout choice. Just be prepared to deal with occasional build-up, which is a small price to pay for those enviable locks.

In conclusion, if you want your hair to smell like a tropical paradise, while also enjoying the benefits of a leave-in conditioner, give this one a try. It’s the key to maintaining dreadlocks that are soft, manageable, and effortlessly stylish. Say goodbye to hair hassles and hello to coconut-infused bliss. Don’t miss out on this haircare gem!


Feature “It’s Natural Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner”
Scent Strong coconut aroma
Spray Nozzle Efficiency Fine and even mist
Weight on Hair Weightless and residue-free
Detangling Effectiveness Excellent detangling
Build-Up Issue Occasional build-up, easily removable

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up Cream

In the world of haircare, finding the right product can be a daunting task. But fear not, because today, we’re diving deep into the Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up Cream, a promising contender in the realm of hair lock maintenance.


  1. Flake-Free Hold: Let’s start with the most crucial aspect – the hold. I’ve put this cream to the test, and I must say, it offers an impressive, flake-free hold that locks in your dreadlocks beautifully. No one wants those unsightly flakes, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about that with Lock It Up.
  2. Moisturizing Magic: Dreadlocks demand moisture to stay healthy, and this cream doesn’t disappoint. It hydrates your locks, keeping them well-nourished and preventing the dreaded dryness that can lead to breakage. I experienced this firsthand, and it’s a game-changer.
  3. No More Frizz: Bid farewell to the days of frizzy, unruly hair. Lock It Up lives up to its name by taming frizz effectively. Your locks will stay neat and tidy for longer periods, even in humid conditions. I found this particularly handy during the summer months.
  4. Ease of Application: Application is a breeze. The cream has a gel-like consistency that’s easy to work with. It doesn’t run or create a mess, making the styling process smoother than ever. I found it quite user-friendly.
  5. Natural Ingredients: It’s reassuring to know that Lock It Up is paraben-free and crafted with natural ingredients like rosemary and nettle extracts. Plus, the fragrance is pleasant without being overpowering.

Now, let’s talk about the one thing that might be considered a drawback:


While Lock It Up offers fantastic hold and moisturizing properties, I did notice some minor flaking when I used a bit too much product. However, it’s important to note that this is easily avoidable by applying a conservative amount.

In comparison to similar products, Lock It Up holds its ground impressively. The flaking issue, while worth mentioning, is far from a deal-breaker. When you find the right balance in application, it delivers on its promises, providing a reliable, flake-free hold and essential moisture for your dreadlocks.

To sum it up, the Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up Cream is a solid choice for maintaining your dreadlocks. Its natural ingredients, moisture-locking abilities, and frizz-fighting prowess make it a worthy contender in the market. And while there’s a slight learning curve to avoid overapplication, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll appreciate the results.

If you’re seeking a dependable product to keep your dreadlocks looking on point, don’t hesitate to explore Lock It Up further. Your locks will thank you.


Feature Lock It Up Cream Hold Moisturization Frizz Control Ingredients
Performance Rating 4-May Flake-Free Moisturizing Frizz Taming Natural Extracts
Ease of Application Easy Gel-Like Consistency
Flaking Minor None
Ingredients Natural Extracts Rosemary, Nettle Paraben-Free
Fragrance Pleasant

Maple Holistics Rosemary Essential Oil

If you’re on a quest for luscious, healthy dreadlocks, then the Maple Holistics Rosemary Essential Oil deserves a spot in your hair care arsenal. Having put this product through its paces, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this essential oil, and why it’s the go-to choice for maintaining those beautiful locks.


  1. Versatile and Energizing: This Maple Holistics essential oil is more versatile than a Swiss army knife. Whether you’re at your desk, doing yoga, or just hanging around the house, it delivers a burst of energizing freshness. I found it invigorating, and it instantly makes my surroundings feel clean and revitalized. The aroma is so uplifting that it’s perfect for a quick pick-me-up during the day.
  2. Breath of Fresh Air: For those days when allergies or congestion strike, the Breathe blend comes to the rescue. The blend of eucalyptus, menthol, spearmint, peppermint, and tea tree oil is like a breath of fresh air. It effortlessly clears up my airways, providing much-needed relief. It’s the perfect companion during allergy season, or when a stubborn cold has got you down.
  3. High-Quality Pure Oils: Quality matters, and Maple Holistics doesn’t disappoint. Their essential oils, including this Rosemary blend, are 100% pure and of top-notch quality. Knowing you’re using pure, high-grade oils makes all the difference in the world. You get the benefits without any compromise on quality.
  4. Calming Dream Blend: Transitioning from a hectic day to a peaceful night’s sleep is a breeze with the Dream blend. This blend is a harmonious mix of 100% pure lavender oil, sage oil, chamomile, and ylang-ylang oil. The result? A calming, relaxing aroma that’s perfect for bedtime. It sets the stage for a serene night of restorative sleep.
  5. Multi-Use Options: Essential oils are like little magic potions with multiple uses. The top five ways I’ve incorporated them into my life are through diffusers, massages with carrier oils, hair treatments, room sprays, and direct application. Each method adds a new dimension to the experience, making these essential oils incredibly versatile.

Cons (Reframed):

  1. Limited Shelf Life: Like all natural products, these essential oils have a finite shelf life. While this is perfectly normal, it means you’ll need to use them within a certain timeframe to get the full benefits. It’s less about a drawback and more about enjoying the oils at their freshest.

In conclusion, the Maple Holistics Rosemary Essential Oil is a top-tier choice for anyone on a quest for fabulous dreadlocks or simply seeking a versatile and high-quality essential oil. Its energizing Breathe blend and calming Dream blend are nothing short of fantastic. With a variety of usage options and impeccable quality, these oils are a must-have for those who value natural and effective solutions. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to the aromatic goodness of Maple Holistics. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your hair care routine and well-being with these exceptional essential oils.


Feature Maple Holistics Rosemary Essential Oil
Versatility Highly versatile, suitable for various settings and activities
Aroma Uplifting, energizing, and fresh
Ingredients 100% pure essential oils of top-notch quality
Relaxation Offers a calming and relaxing experience, perfect for bedtime
Multi-Use Options Can be used in diffusers, massages, hair treatments, room sprays, and direct application
Shelf Life Limited, as with all natural products, but ensures freshness

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castille Soap

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate all-in-one solution for your hair and skin care needs, Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap is a game-changer. This organic Peppermint Soap doesn’t just clean; it invigorates and refreshes like no other.


  1. Invigorating Peppermint Fragrance: The moment you pop the cap, your senses are treated to an exhilarating burst of peppermint aroma that lingers in your bathroom and beyond. It’s not just a soap; it’s a daily pick-me-up, making your shower an aromatic adventure.
  2. Long-Lasting Tingling Sensation: What sets Dr. Bronner’s apart is the cool, tingling sensation it delivers. Even after you’ve dried off, you can feel it working its magic. It’s like a spa treatment in your own shower, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  3. Versatility Beyond Compare: This soap isn’t just for your body. With its 18-in-1 formula, you can use it for practically anything – from washing dishes and laundry to mopping floors and even as an insect repellent. It’s the Swiss Army knife of hygiene products.
  4. Deep Cleansing Power: Dr. Bronner’s doesn’t just cleanse; it deep cleans. It effortlessly removes oil, grime, and dirt, leaving your skin and hair feeling squeaky clean. For those with sensitive skin, it’s gentle yet effective, making it a fantastic choice.


Now, let’s talk about the flip side. There’s not much to dislike about Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap, but here’s a slight nuance. While the tingling sensation is invigorating, it can be a tad intense for those who prefer a more soothing experience. It’s like a burst of cold air in the middle of a warm shower, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a multi-purpose soap that doesn’t just clean but revitalizes, Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap is a stellar choice. Its invigorating fragrance, long-lasting tingling sensation, versatility, and deep cleansing power make it stand out in a crowded market. It’s the shower buddy you never knew you needed. So, why wait? Experience the tingling sensation for yourself and take your shower routine to the next level with Dr. Bronner’s.


Feature Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap
Aromatic Experience Invigorating peppermint fragrance that lingers
Long-Lasting Sensation Cool, tingling sensation that lasts
Versatility 18-in-1 formula for various uses, including cleaning
Gentle Cleansing Deep cleansing power, suitable for sensitive skin
Intensity of Sensation Tingling sensation may be intense for some

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel

In the world of haircare, finding a product that’s versatile, soothing, and utterly effective is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. That’s precisely what happened when I discovered the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel.


  1. Soothing Sunburn Relief: Sunburns are no joke, and having a reliable solution is crucial. This aloe vera gel comes to the rescue with its remarkable soothing and calming properties. I recently had friends who got a little too much sun, and this gel worked wonders to alleviate their discomfort. It’s like having a mini spa day for your skin.
  2. Non-Greasy Formula: What I appreciate most about this gel is that it’s not your typical greasy or oily mess. Once applied, it seamlessly blends into your skin, leaving behind no sticky residue. This feature alone sets it apart from many similar products on the market. You can go about your day without feeling like you’ve been coated in a layer of goo.
  3. Fragrance-Free: For those of us who prefer our skincare products without overwhelming scents, this aloe vera gel is a true gem. It boasts a completely fragrance-free formula, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without any unwanted odors. I find this particularly appealing, as I’m not a fan of heavily scented products.
  4. Quick Absorption: Efficiency is key when it comes to skincare, and this gel delivers. It absorbs rapidly into the skin, providing fast relief and hydration. You won’t need to wait around for it to work its magic; it gets right down to business.

Cons (Reframed as Room for Improvement):

  1. Limited Quantity: While the effectiveness of this aloe vera gel is beyond question, I do wish it came in larger quantities. Given its versatility and how often it’s needed during sunny days or for general skincare, a larger container would be a welcome addition.

In conclusion, the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel is a true superstar in the world of skincare. Its soothing properties, non-greasy formula, fragrance-free nature, and quick absorption make it a must-have for anyone seeking relief from sunburn or general skin irritation. The only room for improvement lies in the container size, as you’ll find yourself wanting more of this magic gel. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective aloe vera gel, don’t hesitate to check out this product further. Your skin will thank you.


Features Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel Similar Products
Soothing Sunburn Relief Exceptional soothing and calming properties. Vary in effectiveness
Non-Greasy Formula Not greasy or oily; leaves no sticky residue. Some may be greasier
Fragrance-Free Completely fragrance-free formula. Some have strong scents
Quick Absorption Rapidly absorbed for fast relief. Absorption rates vary
Quantity Limited quantity; could offer more. Varies by product.

Sea Breeze Astringent For Scalp & Sensitive Skin

If you’re searching for the ultimate solution to keep your scalp and sensitive skin in check, the Sea Breeze Astringent may just be your new best friend. Having put this product through its paces, I’m here to break down the pros and cons of this scalp savior.


  1. Effective Astringent Properties: Sea Breeze isn’t just a catchy name; it’s a potent astringent that takes the cleanliness of your scalp and skin to the next level. After my regular shampoo routine, applying Sea Breeze with a cotton round was a game-changer. It swept away any lingering dirt or oil, leaving my scalp feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to that annoying residue!
  2. Gentle Yet Thorough: What’s remarkable about Sea Breeze is its ability to deliver a deep cleanse without the harshness. It’s specifically designed for sensitive skin, and I can vouch for its gentleness. No stinging sensations or unpleasant surprises, just a soothing clean.
  3. Versatile: Beyond its scalp-saving abilities, Sea Breeze works wonders as a toner for your facial skin. It’s a two-in-one deal that’s hard to beat. Few products offer such versatility without sacrificing performance.
  4. Crisp, Refreshing Scent: The Sea Breeze aroma is like a cool ocean breeze for your senses. It’s refreshing and invigorating, making the cleansing process a more enjoyable experience.
  5. Affordable and Long-Lasting: A little Sea Breeze goes a long way. The bottle is reasonably priced, and considering how little you need for each application, it’s an excellent value for your money.


  1. Not Ideal for Dry Skin: While Sea Breeze is fantastic for those with oilier skin types, if you lean toward the dry side, it might leave your skin feeling a tad tight. However, a good moisturizer can easily remedy this minor setback.

In summary, Sea Breeze Astringent For Scalp and Sensitive Skin is a stellar choice for anyone in search of an effective, gentle, and versatile cleansing solution. It effectively clears your scalp and skin of impurities, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The crisp scent is a bonus, and the affordability makes it an appealing addition to your skincare routine. Just remember to moisturize if your skin leans dry.

In a world of skincare products, Sea Breeze stands out as a reliable go-to option. Give it a try, and you’ll experience the difference for yourself. Your scalp and skin will thank you!


Feature Sea Breeze Astringent Comparable Competitors
Effectiveness Highly effective astringent Varies
Gentleness Gentle for sensitive skin Varies
Versatility Works as both scalp and facial toner Varies
Scent Crisp and refreshing Varies
Affordability Affordable and long-lasting Varies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Hair Dreadlocks

Are dreadlocks good for your hair?

Dreadlocks can be good for your hair if you don’t use them as a way to cover up a bald spot. However, using them to cover up a bald spot is doing more harm than good.

What are some causes of hair dreadlocks?

There are many reasons why people develop dreadlocks.

What are the three types of dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are hairstyles that are popular with African-Americans.

They are three different types :

  •  Afro
  •  Dreadlocks
  •  Bantu knots

Are dreadlocks permanent or temporary?

Dreadlocks are permanent. They are caused by a disease called alopecia areata.

Can you wash dreadlocks or not?

Yes, you can wash dreadlocks. They just take a little more work to clean.

How long can dreads last?

If you wash your hair daily, dreads should last about two weeks. If you wash your hair less often, it should last longer. They may need to be retightened periodically, but other than that they require very little maintenance.

What do you need to know before getting dreadlocks?

First, you need to know that dreadlocks are not just for hippies anymore. They are pretty trendy right now.

Do dreadlocks smell or not?

It depends on how they are washed. If they are correctly cleaned with a suitable soap and conditioner, they do not smell.

How do you wash dreadlocks?

To properly wash dreadlocks, you need to use a special shampoo and conditioner to remove the oils and dirt.

How often should dreads be Retwisted?

You may want to retwist your dreads every 4-6 weeks to keep them looking their best.

Which oil is best for dreadlocks?

Coconut oil is the best oil to use on dreadlocks. It is also very healthy for the hair.

Do hair dreadlocks have any drawbacks?

Hair dreadlocks is that they can be difficult to remove if you decide you no longer want them. Another is that they can be uncomfortable in hot weather.

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