Is Pressotherapy really effective? how it works ?

Importance of Pressotherapy

People looking for a solution that promotes well-being and fitness can now choose from a variety of methods. Among these techniques is pressotherapy. Have you ever heard of it? It is a term well known in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Pressotherapy is an effective way to create a beautiful silhouette. It is also used to cure heavy legs and treat cellulite. So, concretely, what is pressotherapy? What are its principles and advantages? Are there any contraindications?

What is pressotherapy and what are its benefits?

Pressotherapy: what is it?

Looking for a slimming cure, fitness or quick recovery after an effort? Pressotherapy is a proven method of venolymphatic drainage by physiological pressure. It is a paramedical speciality used for the benefit of people who want to lose weight. It requires the use of a device in the form of very large boots. The equipment consists of sleeves or a belt for actions on the abdomen.

Importance of Pressotherapy

Is Pressotherapy really effective? how it works?

The pressotherapy device, by applying pressure on the legs, has effects on the blood circulation. Its actions also affect fat cells and eliminate cellulite. A pressotherapy session lasts about 30 minutes.

The pressures exerted by the boots act as a massage conducive to relaxation. They stimulate the immune defense system while stimulating the lymphatic flow. They are adjustable. The compression and decompression rate of the equipment can also be adjusted.

Pressure therapy boots are made of fabric. They fill with air and are designed so that they can exert a certain pressure on the legs of a patient at regular intervals. An air compressor is used to keep the tool running. The pressure increase must be done gradually.

What are the best pressotherapy boots

Here is the verdict of our expert to be able to benefit from pressotherapy at home, quietly installed on your sofa.

Principles of technique

The pressure generated by pressure therapy boots has an important role on blood circulation and drainage. Indeed, under its influence, blood can circulate in a more fluid way. The fluids residing in the tissues are evacuated1.

The action of pressotherapy is similar to that of lymphatic drainage performed manually by an expert. Thanks to it, blood and air circulate more easily to reach the heart. This is why pressotherapy sessions are recommended for people with blood circulation problems.

In case of overweight caused or amplified by water retention problems, pressotherapy has a high level of effectiveness. It is the same for the case of aqueous cellulites. A specialist in aesthetic medicine is competent to identify the origin of overweight and can refer a patient to the best solution.

Note that pressotherapy does not have the same effectiveness on all forms of cellulite. It can only treat cellulite caused either by water retention or by blood circulation problems. The speed of the processing actions also depends on the user. Indeed, each organism is different. For satisfactory results, regular sessions should be followed.

Pressotherapy can complement other slimming techniques such as cryolipolysis or lipocavitation. Its combination with these methods using lipolysis allows to see the best results in a minimum of time. This, guaranteeing the elimination of the waste created. Before advising pressotherapy, a professional generally proceeds with a health check-up.

For anyone who wants to lose weight, pressotherapy should not be used alone, as a miracle cure. It must be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity. In general, good lifestyle habits are essential to quickly see the results of the method to lose weight and especially to keep yourself in shape over the long term.

All the advantages of pressotherapy

Against heavy legs

Pressotherapy offers multiple health benefits. It is very appreciated by people suffering from a feeling of heavy legs. Ailments are quickly relieved. The technique reduces edema and leg fatigue. Pressotherapy has beneficial effects on lymphatic flow and venous flow.

Thanks to pressotherapy sessions, your legs will be thinner and ideally smooth. In addition, this draining care method is suitable for pathologies such as arterial, venous and diabetic ulcers, arteritis, lymphedemas, myopathies, mastectomies and multiple sclerosis.

This treatment technique allows the body to speed up the absorption of liquids and makes it easier for active ingredients to penetrate. Still physiologically, pressotherapy has relaxing effects on the body, it facilitates the elimination of waste and toxins.

Against cellulite

In institutes specializing in beauty care, pressotherapy is used for specific purposes. Establishments in this category use an esthetic presso device for the sessions planned to refine the silhouette of their customers. Aesthetic professionals help firm damaged tissue and are effective in reducing the “marbled” or orange peel appearance.

There are two pressotherapy techniques: the continuous pressure method and the sequential pressure method. Continuous pressure pressotherapy is used when you want to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. On the other hand, the sequential pressure technique is effective when the goal is to act on the fat pads causing cellulite.

Among the greatest benefits of pressotherapy, we also cite the absence of side effects. Indeed, it is a technique practiced outside the body. Pressotherapy tools are highly valued for their performance, but also for convenience and portability. Your big boots can go anywhere.

Pressotherapy and sport

Athletes are among the people who can enjoy the benefits of pressotherapy. Sports physiotherapists recommend this method to optimize the recovery of athletes ( 3 ). Athletes using pressure therapy in order to fight fatigue or recover quickly after intensive training are currently in increasing numbers.

During a static recovery following the practice of a sporting activity, there is generally a accumulation of blood in the legs. Pressotherapy equipment activates blood circulation in the veins so that oxygen-poor blood reaches the upper part of the body where it will be recharged.

Thanks to this venous return, an athlete avoids the risks of swelling or edema. In such a context, pressotherapy is also a solution to prevent sensations of heavy legs. In addition to promoting blood circulation in the body of an athlete, this paramedical care technique, thanks to lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins in the lower limbs of the body.

Pressotherapy equipment can touch parts of the body such as the feet, thighs, knees, calves, abs and arms, with flexible pressure. This is expressed in millimeters of Mercury.

Do you have a sprain or other type of traumatic joint injury? You have the possibility of requesting the assistance of a physiotherapist for pressotherapy sessions. By performing a drainage of the edema, the professional can reduce the extent of joint swelling in a knee or ankle.

Pressotherapy is considerably advantageous compared to a simple lymphatic drainage carried out manually. It is recommended for individuals who suffer from traumatic muscle damage. It uses dedicated equipment that can speed up healing. Blood is directed to the location of the wound.

Are there any side effects

Only few contraindications are associated with the practice of pressotherapy. The technique is accessible to a wide audience. Its recourse is even authorized during pregnancy. However, there are contraindications for individuals affected by cases such as untreated hypertension, the presence of tumors or abscesses, acute edema of the lungs, renal failure, severe heart problems, venous thrombosis and severe thrombophlebitis.

People with health problems can seek medical advice before embarking on a pressotherapy session. During pregnancy, this method of care is often used to quickly relieve heavy legs. In such a context, it is indicated during periods characterized by strong heat.

However, a pregnant woman should refrain from using techniques involving a stomach belt. You just have to wear pressure therapy boots for the leg care, choosing an appropriate pressure.

Where can you get a pressotherapy treatment?

Use pressure therapy boots

The “professional” and “semi-professional” class models are the most expensive. Their prices exceed a thousand euros. However, the investment will pay off in the long term. Indeed, quality equipment will serve you for a very long time. In this case we recommend the purchase of Pressotheraphy boots.

In an aesthetic center, the duration of a pressotherapy session is around 30 or 35 minutes. On the other hand, at home, you have the choice to lengthen or shorten a session, according to your needs. On average, a pressotherapy session at the home of an individual lasts between 15 or 30 minutes, but can last up to 60 minutes.

To maximize the effectiveness of a session, you need to follow some good practices. Seeking the help of an expert allows you to benefit from the best advice. You must be in total comfort while lying on your back. The legs should be slightly raised. Before connecting the pressure therapy boots, position them at the area to be treated. The device will do all the work by alternating compressions and decompressions.

Pressotherapy is a therapeutic technique that stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic reflux. It is practiced by a professional in a health center or a specialized beauty establishment.

Some experts offer services at the home of their patients, but an individual may decide to buy pressure therapy boots for use without time constraints (scheduling of sessions, depending on the availability of a professional). A pressure therapy device helps break down fat cells. It soothes the sensations of heavy legs.

Athletes seek the intervention of a pressotherapy professional to recover quickly after training sessions or to accelerate healing. The technique allows the refinement of the silhouette. However, before using it, you must make sure that you are not affected by contraindications.

In thalassotherapy

Different thalassotherapy establishments offer veno-lymphatic drainage services. It is also possible to contact a physiotherapist or an esthetic center.

With the support of a professional, some individuals opt for pressotherapy sessions at home. In all cases, the price for a session is variable depending on the care provided. In general, it takes a few weekly sessions to have visibility on the results of care services.

To avoid paying for the services of a pressotherapy professional, an individual can purchase a device for personal use. In this sense, you should know that the market offers different ranges of pressure therapy boots.

The possibilities available to you:

  • Buy pressotherapy equipment for personal use, according to your wishes and availability,
  • Regular sessions at a specialized center,
  • Solicit a professional for home sessions.

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