massage chairs safe during pregnancy

Are massage chairs safe during pregnancy?

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A pregnancy massage can be a fantastic way to relax, but if you are pregnant and tired of working up a sweat at the gym- some may say get a chair! However, there are some things you should know before you purchase a massage chair for your pregnant self.

Pregnancy massage chairs are becoming more and more popular. Because of this, women are using these products to help them throughout their pregnancy; but are they safe?

The makers of pregnancy massage chairs claim that these chairs can help promote a healthy pregnancy, reduce stress, prevent excess weight gain, and more. However, there is no scientific evidence backing up these claims.

It is common knowledge that using a massage chair during pregnancy can offer relief from the usual aches and pains of being pregnant, but there is some debate about how it can affect the unborn child. Some argue that massage is good for both mother and baby, while others argue it can have adverse effects.


Can vibrations hurt a fetus?

Can vibrations hurt a fetus
Can vibrations hurt a fetus

According to studies, anything that moves or vibrates can cause discomfort in pregnant women. The growing baby inside your womb doesn’t have a robust immune system yet, making it more susceptible to changes in the environment.

Vibrations from a massage chair could cause discomfort in your baby, leading to complications. A pregnant woman should always consult with her doctor before doing anything that involves her health and safety.

Can massage chairs induce labour?

There is no evidence-based medicine to suggest that using a massage chair either before or during labour can induce labour. Some may argue that this is just an example of the placebo effect. Still, there are many pieces of evidence showing that massage has many positive effects on the mother and the fetus, such as decreasing anxiety and increasing the production of endorphins.

Is a massage chair good for pregnant ladies?

The massage chair is good for pregnant ladies due to following reasons:

  1. It improves blood circulation by stimulating blood vessels and muscles, thus enhancing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  2. It relieves fatigue and stress
  3. Helps release endorphin, thus improving the mother’s sleep relaxing her muscles and easing labour pain after giving birth.
  4. It can also help reduce muscle aches in the lower part of the body.
  5. It is helpful to provide a sense of comfort and happiness for the mother.

When to avoid a massage chair during pregnancy?

You should avoid massage chairs during pregnancy if they use heat during the massage. must avoid in following conditions:

  1. In the early pregnancy: it is not safe to use the massage chair for early pregnancy.
  2. In the middle of pregnancy: you should avoid this if massage chairs are heated.
  3. In the last trimester: you should avoid this if massage chairs are heated; the body temperature of pregnant women is higher than usual. The heat may cause harm to your baby.
  4. Avoid during childbirth: it will not be helpful for you and increase pain if you use it during delivery.

Is it safe to use a massage chair while pregnant?

Is it safe to use a massage chair while pregnant
Is it safe to use a massage chair while pregnant

It’s safe to use a massage chair while pregnant. Using the massage chair should not make your baby any less healthy. Many women experience lower back pain and aches during pregnancy. Massage chairs provide relief from stress, muscle pains and strain that can cause discomfort during pregnancy. The massage chair is a safe way to relieve muscle pain while pregnant.

Safety Precautions For Pregnant Women when using Massage Chair

There are some precautions that pregnant women should take when using a massage chair:

  1. The surface should be clean and dry before using the massage chair.
  2. Stretch your hands and feet to avoid stiffness when you get out of a reclined position on a massage chair after a long session.
  3. Ensure the massage chair is working properly and inspect it for any abnormalities before using it.

Is it bad to use a massage chair for a long time?

Yes. During labour, the reason is that bruising will occur if an area has been massaged too firmly and for an extended period.
The severity of such bruises depends on how weak or strong a woman’s muscles are, varying from person to person. Bruising commonly heals within ten days, but it takes weeks before the swelling goes down.

How often can I use a massage chair in pregnancy?

You can use the massage chair for 10-20 minute sessions, which will help you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Can a massage chair cause a miscarriage?

No. however, I’m not sure why you would need to know this.

Risks during pregnancy: if a woman has a history or risk factors for miscarriages or toxaemia—hypertension in late pregnancy—I would recommend she avoid massage

Which areas should not be massaged during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid intense pressure on these body parts.

  1. Abdominal area: It might trigger labour by releasing oxytocin, the hormone involved in work and lactation.
  2. Gluteal massage area: The buttocks contain major blood vessels and joints, which may cause pain, redness, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.
  3. The general rule is: if you feel pain or discomfort when you massage a particular area, then don’t massage it
    can vibration reduce swelling
  4. The vibrations of the massage chair can reduce swelling in the legs, which is common during pregnancy.


Massage chairs are a great way to relax and enjoy a little pampering. Some people even use them during pregnancy, but it is essential to know how massage chair safety might change when you’re pregnant.

“There are currently no studies to support the claims that these chairs are safe for pregnant women.”

But In general, there’s no evidence that these products can harm an unborn baby or the mother in any way, but here are some things to keep in mind before using one while pregnant.

You should not receive a massage on your abdomen, buttocks or lower back. Massage therapists should avoid deep-pressure techniques during pregnancy.

It is recommended to check the woman’s medical history before using a massage chair.

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