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How to Repair a Massage Chair? Step-by-Step Repair Guide!

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A broken massage chair is a big disappointment and can be costly to repair. But don’t throw it away yet!

A massage chair is a great way to relax. If you own one, chances are it will eventually break down and need repairs. This how-to guide will show you how to repair your broken or malfunctioning massage chair so that it’s new again!

If you are looking to repair a massage chair yourself, we recommend that you stop and seek the assistance of an expert. There is risk involved in it, and it should only be done by someone who knows how to fix it.

If the issue is more complicated in your massage chair, it is advised to go directly to your local massage chair store.

This blog post will walk you through how to repair a massage chair step-by-step. From fixing the motor to replacing simple parts like screws and bolts, this blog post has everything you need.


Can a massage chair be repaired?

Get Your Comfort Back - Massage Chair Repair
Massage Chair Repair & Reboot

A massage chair might be repaired if it has a broken part, such as the seat or if its motor is not working.If an individual is looking for how to repair, they should look through different websites and magazines that offer tutorials on making simple repairs at home. It can help people save money by repairing something themselves instead of buying a new one.Usually, The parts are available, but it’s often cheaper to replace the chair entirely if it’s still under warranty.

Many people don’t realize that their old massage chair is probably still under warranty and can be fixed by the manufacturer. And even if someone does know they have an old massage chair with no warranties left, there are some things you can do yourself at home before calling in professionals, such as cleaning out any debris from inside the mechanism or replacing worn-out cables; these tasks typically cost about $20-$30 each depending on how complicated they are.

Things need to know before repairing

There are some things that you need to know before repairing. This includes identifying the problem and how to use tools or parts that are required.

  • To find the problem, you need to look at how much pressure is being put on each roller.
  • If all of the pressure is too high, you need to adjust how much pressure is being applied.
  • If there are problems with the rolling mechanism, you might have to replace it or find a way to tighten it.
  • If the massage chair is not heating up or vibrating, you may need a new motor for those functions to work properly.
  • When it comes to how you would use tools or parts needed, this may be different depending on the problem with the chair.
  • You would need to know how to use a screwdriver and wrenches.

Repair a Massage Chair yourself without calling for professional assistance

Here is a step by step guide to repairing a broken massaging chair.

  • First, make sure you are completely aware of how to repair
  • Find the broken parts of the massaging chair and remove them one by one.
  • Test how well the chair is working after each part has been replaced and repaired.
  • If the massage chair doesn’t work properly, you will need to go back and replace or repair the next part.
  • Repeat these steps until the massage chair is fully working again.

Fix a massage chair that has stopped heating up or vibrating to its full potential

Here are steps that professionals may do about fixing the problem

  • The first thing you need to do is determine the cause of this problem. If there is no power, check if the outlet is working and the chair is on.
  • If the outlet is working and you flip a switch on your massage chair to turn it on, nothing happens; this could be an internal problem with the chair itself.
  • If the massage chair does turn on, but there is no heating or vibration, then this may be a problem with your massage chair’s wiring.
  • Turn the chair off and check all of your wires to make sure they are tightly connected on both ends.
  • Look for any exposed wire or wire that is frayed. Use electrical tape to cover any exposed wire. If you are uncertain how to fix the wiring, call a professional for help.
  • If the massage chair heats up or vibrates, but you can’t select a type of massage to do so, then your remote may not be working. In this case, check the batteries in your remote to make sure they are still working. If you have a rechargeable chair, then the battery within the remote may need to be charged. If it is fully charged but still doesn’t work, there could be a problem with how the chair is charged.
  • If the motor in your massage chair is making a loud noise when it runs or sounds like it’s not working, there may be something wrong with how it is powered. If this is the case, check to make sure your power cord has a good connection and is not frayed. If it is, then use electrical tape to cover any exposed wire and make sure the power cord has a good connection on both ends. If it does, call a professional to help you fix this problem.
  • If your massage chair vibrates but doesn’t heat up, then you should check the filter underneath your massage chair. This is where any hair, debris or other objects may be collected and cause a blockage. Remove the filter and check underneath it to ensure nothing is blocking how air is being used through your massage chair. If you do find something, then remove it and replace the filter.
  • If your massage chair still has not heated up or vibrated properly after checking all of these options, then you may want to call a professional. This could mean there is something wrong with your massage chair’s motor or how it charges, and these are complicated issues that only a professional will be able to fix.

Cost to repair a massage chair

The amount of money you will spend to repair a massage chair depends mostly on how extensive the damage is. If it’s just some small tears in your seat cover, this can be an inexpensive fix; however, if something more serious like the mechanics is broken, it will be much more expensive(costs could be as high as a few hundred dollars).


When you require a repair, the company must have experience with your specific model. For example, if your chair has stopped heating up or vibrating to its full potential, you will want an expert who understands how these chairs work and what would cause this issue. It can be not easy to find someone qualified for some models, so make sure they are experienced in repairing massage chairs before agreeing on any services.


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