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Steps to Not Giggle During Massage: Why Does It Tickle and How to Avoid it

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Causes of the ticklish sensation, and how do you avoid it?

Many people find massages relaxing. They do not want to giggle or laugh during the massage because they worry it will be disrespectful to see how hard the masseuse works. It can be difficult not to giggle when someone starts working on your neck, but you can take steps before and during a massage to avoid it!

If you are one of the many people who love getting massages, you might have also experienced how it can be difficult not to giggle or laugh.
This article will teach you how to avoid giggling when someone massages you. We will discuss why it tickles and if laughing during a massage is good or bad.

Read on for some helpful tips!

Why does it tickle when someone massages me?

There are several explanations for why it tickles when someone massages you. It could be how the muscles in your body feel and react to touch or how they respond to stimulation of specific points on your feet.

There are three different reasons why it can tickle when someone massages you.

First, your skin needs to be clean and dry before the massage. The skin can be susceptible when not clean and dry, especially in the armpit area.

Second, during a massage, you need to make sure to relax your muscles. If you are not relaxed enough, it can cause some itchy feelings.

Lastly, sometimes when someone messages you, it can cause a“pins and needles” sensation. It is when the blood flow returns to your skin after having been pressed on, and it can cause a tickling feeling. If you want to avoid this, make sure that the person who is massaging you knows how to massage

How not to giggle or laugh during a massage

While involuntarily laughing or giggling might seem like a lighthearted occasion, you should be aware of how your actions can affect others. The good news is that there are some steps not to giggle and mess up everything!

massager with no tickling and giggling feelings
Recommended massager with no tickling and giggling feelings

Here are some steps to stop yourself from giggling during the massage.

  • Be prepared for your massage by wearing loose clothing and removing jewellery
  • Stay in a comfortable position on the table
  • Keep your eyes closed or look down, but do not stare at any one spot too long
  • Let go of any tension in your muscles by breathing deep into them and holding them for 5 seconds before releasing
  • Talk with your therapist about what you want from the session before they start working on you
  • Make sure you are comfortable and do not worry about how long the massage will take. It is more important to be in a calm state of mind than speed up your relaxation experience by rushing through it.
  • Look at the ceiling. Concentrate on something in particular, like the cracks in your paint or a water spot.
  • Imagine yourself somewhere else – on the beach, at work or doing something relaxing. which helps to distract from the tickling sensation of being touched
  • Focus on how relaxing the session can be for you, not how funny or certain uncomfortable sensations may feel as they happen during the massage process. This way, you would not have time to think about how ticklish something feels! Keeping your thoughts positive rather than negative might help too!
  • If laughter still creeps up on you even after trying these tips, maybe try closing your eyes if that seems easier. Or ask them politely to do less pressure next time, perhaps.
  • If giggles still occur, try focusing on an object that will help redirect your attention away from the massage

Why Should not You Giggle During Massage?

Giggling during a massage is not recommended for many reasons. It is so wrong to giggle while getting massaged because the masseuse will think you are laughing at them or making fun of how they do their job. If this happens, then the chances of them doing an excellent job with your massage go way down, and there is nothing worse than having someone mess up on your back when trying to relax! It makes giggling during a massage one of those things that people should avoid.

Another important factor is how ticklish you are whenever someone touches certain parts of your body like feet, thighs, sides, etc. Some do not find it funny but rather annoying if they are tickled a lot.

Advantages of giggling during a good massage

Massages are good for reducing stress and releasing toxins. Giggling during a massage is good because it relaxes the body. This allows for better blood flow, which makes your muscles feel flexible

  1. Laughing is a natural form of exercise, so it is great for your health
  2. A massage tickle can help you sleep better because it releases melatonin in the brain
  3. Research suggests that laughter may be an effective treatment for chronic pain, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia
  4. Laughter boosts your immune system by increasing white blood cells and antibodies to fight infection
  5. It could even lower your risk of heart disease by increasing HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind) and decreasing triglycerides (another type of fat found in the blood).

I Giggle Too Much When Massaged: Find out Why

I do not giggle as much as some people do, but it happens. Do you giggle too? I smile or laugh when I am being massaged most of the time because it feels so good! But sometimes, if someone is digging hard into my muscles (especially along my spine), they will trigger a full-on silly fit, which makes me feel embarrassed afterwards.

If you can not stop giggling during a massage, it could be due to the pressure on your joints.

It is so funny that people are touching me while I m lying there, completely vulnerable. I have always laughed when being massaged for this reason and no other! That makes me laugh every time without fail!


During the massage, at some point, giggling can be a mishandle. After reading this article, you will know the reasons for mishandling and how to reduce it. We hope our readers learn something new today and enjoy it.

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