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How to Make Cannabis Massage Oil (CBD or THC)?

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Ready to get started on making your cannabis massage oil?


What is cannabis massage oil?

What is cannabis massage oil
What is cannabis massage oil

Cannabis massage oil is a topical lotion that can relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation and even lower stress levels. It is made by extracting therapeutic compounds like CBD or THC from cannabis flowers.

Cannabis massage oil is a cannabis-infused oil that is used for massages. It can be made at home with simple steps and basic kitchen equipment.

Cannabis massage oil is a topical preparation of the cannabis plant. It’s been used for centuries in Asia, Africa and Europe as a herbal treatment for pain, muscle tension and inflammation.

The active ingredients are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Research shows that these two compounds work together to reduce inflammation throughout the body, including your muscles, after a workout or during arthritis flare-ups.

Cannabis has been shown to have significant benefits for reducing chronic pain and increasing feelings of relaxation and euphoria among those who use it recreationally. In addition, there are many anecdotal reports from people using cannabis for therapeutic purposes that claim relief from conditions such as anxiety, depression, migraines/headaches/pains in the muscles and nerves caused by injury or stress.

How to make cannabis massage oil?

How to make cannabis massage oil
How to make cannabis massage oil

Essential Cannabis Massage Oil (for beginners).

  1. Step 1: Take a clean glass bowl and add 250ml of any carrier oil (e.g. grapeseed, almond), 100 grams of cannabis flowers or trim, and two tablespoons of beeswax.
  2. Step 2: Place the bowl on top of a saucepan filled with water (make sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of your bowl) and heat it on a low-medium flame for about 20 minutes.
  3. Steps 3: Take the saucepan off the heat and let it cool for another 20 minutes.
  4. Step 4: Strain out any plant matter from the oil using a clean muslin cloth and pour it into a sterile bottle.
  5. Step 5: Use this massage oil anywhere on your body that needs attention.

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe with Olive oil.

  1. Step one: Mix the olive oil, CBD tincture and cannabis flowers in a saucepan. Heat for an hour on low heat to infuse all ingredients.
  2. Step two: Strain mixture through cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer into another bowl or container to remove plant material.
  3. Step three: transfer to a squeeze bottle or jar and store at room temperature.The cannabis massage oil can be used for a whole body or targeted massage.

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe with Almond oil

Ingredients: – ½ oz cannabis bud – ½ oz almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.

  1. Step One: Grind your cannabis bud.
  2. Step Two: Add the ground up cannabis into a glass jar that has a lid.
  3. Step Three:  Pour the almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil into the jar.
  4. Step Four:  Seal it with a lid and shake well.
  5. Step Five:  Let it sit for a few hours until the cannabis bud has been fully infused into the oil.
  6. Step Six:  Strain it through a cheesecloth.
  7. Step Seven: Put it in a container with the lid on and store it in a cool and dark place.
  8. Step Eight: Use it within six months. You can also store this oil in the refrigerator.

Cannabis massage oil Recipe Coconut Oil

Homemade Cannabis Massage Oil
How to Make Your Own CBD Massage Oil

Lavender-Cinnamon Cannabis Massage Oil (for those with sensitivities).

Ingredients: – one/two cup of coconut oil (extra virgin) – three ounces cannabis flower, finely ground in a coffee grinder – five drops lavender essential oil – two tablespoons of cinnamon powder (optional)


  1. Mix coconut oil and cannabis flowers in a glass jar with an airtight lid.
  2. Allow sitting for 24 hours at room temperature (or longer if you like).
  3. Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth.
  4. Gather up the four corners of your cheesecloth and squeeze out as much oil as possible into a bowl or measuring cup.
  5. Press as much oil as you can from the cannabis plant matter! The leftover plant material should be discarded at this point.
  6. Add essential oils and cinnamon powder (optional) to the cannabis oil. Mix thoroughly with a spoon or whisk, ensuring ingredients are well combined. Pour into a clean glass jar with an airtight lid, and store in the refrigerator for up to two months.

Benefits of making your cannabis massage oil instead of Buying

  • There are many benefits of making your cannabis massage oil. Some people enjoy the therapeutic effects of this natural remedy, while others just want to experience its aromatherapy qualities.
  • It’s easy to make your cannabis massage oil. The process is relatively simple and can be done without specialized equipment in just a few minutes.
  • The ingredients are readily available and inexpensive. You will need some high-quality CBD to isolate or full-spectrum extract (or both), coconut or olive oil, filtered water, a glass jar with a lid (a small one works best), cheesecloth or coffee filter paper for straining the mixture after it’s been cooked down into an oil consistency. The resulting product has properties very similar to those found in nature: there are no synthetic ingredients whatsoever! It also smells great
  • You can tailor the recipe to suit your needs by adding more or less of certain oils for desired effects
  • Your homemade cannabis massage oil will be free from additives, preservatives, or artificial colours
  • You know exactly what goes into it and how much you’re using because you made it yourself! Making your cannabis massage oil not only gives you complete control over what goes into it, but it also saves money because there’s no need for expensive commercial masseuses or spa treatments when all you need is some coconut oil and a few herbs. On hand! Not only that but with so many different recipes available online (such as this recipe), there’s no excuse to try

Benefits of using cannabis for massage therapy

A few health benefits of marijuana that you may not know about!

  • Cannabis oil is non-toxic and does not cause skin irritation, making it a safe choice for massage applications.
  • Additionally, cannabis oil has anti-spasmodic properties that can help to relieve muscle cramps.
  • Cannabis oil is known to promote relaxation and alleviate stress, making it an excellent choice for those seeking massage therapy for relief from tension and stress.
  • Cannabis has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for treating sore muscles
  • Cannabis is a natural pain reliever and can be used as an alternative to over-the-counter drugs; this makes it a popular choice for those suffering from chronic pain.
  • Cannabis oil can also help conditions like insomnia or depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain
  • The cannabis plant contains terpenes that produce calming effects on the body, making it perfect for people with anxiety disorders
  • Massages are proven to reduce stress levels and increase happiness – adding cannabis oil will enhance these benefits even more!
  • Using cannabis massage oil will allow you to enjoy all of these benefits without the high associated with smoking marijuana or consuming edibles

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