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How do you move a massage chair?

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Massage chairs are now used more to relax and de-stress than actual therapy or medical treatment. They were initially built for people with medical conditions. Nowadays, more people are using them to help with their stress problems. They come in various shapes and big sizes as well. So it is really important to consider the facts about moving the massage chair when needed.


Are massage chairs easy to move?

Are massage chairs easy to move
Are massage chairs easy to move

Yes. Most massage chairs are easy to move because they come with rolling feet that allow for simple, smooth gliding across the floor.

Some people like the idea of having a massage chair in their home, but others can’t imagine moving such a heavy object from time to time. Some massage chairs are lighter than others, but almost all can be easily carried on wheels. However, if you don’t want to use the wheels because you don’t like how they look, you can unscrew them and then mount the massage chair on your wall as a piece of artwork.

How do you move a massage chair into a house?

It depends. Do you have a truck? If so, you can use the furniture movers included in the chair’s base to lift it into your home. These chairs are bulky and weigh about 100 pounds or more. You will need help moving them through each doorway. Some people also opt to remove the side panels by unscrewing them from the bottom of each chair, removing them and moving them separately. This will make the chairs much lighter, but they will not be as sturdy because you have removed these panels. If you do this, however, take caution because if the panel is not attached correctly to the top of the massage chair, moving it back in place could cause permanent damage to the chair.

Massage Chair Protections Before, while and after Moving

  1. It is important to properly protect a massage chair before moving it into a house. To protect the massage chair from damage, make sure to use blankets over the entire chair, and strap the blanket with tape. Using straps will prevent scratching the material on the massage chair if tapes are not used.
  2. Massage chairs are heavy and bulky, so professional moving is recommended. They should be placed in an area where they will not receive too much direct sunlight (the needles may fade over time), like near a window or shaded by an umbrella.
  3. Check to see if the home is equipped with recessed wall outlets, common in newer homes. If not, the massage chair must be plugged into a nearby extension cord using an appropriate converter that can handle the amount of power needed by the massage chair.
  4. When moving a massage chair into a house, it is good to use a dolly or hand truck, depending on the chair’s weight. Be sure that you can pull the weight of it with ease when in use and that there is a power outlet within reach for you to plug in when you are ready to try out your new equipment. Once in position in the house, make sure to level the massage chair and connect any disconnected wires during transport.

Moving Massage Chair from one home to another as a Gift

If you are moving a massage chair from one home to another as a gift for someone who is sick, here are some simple steps that can be taken:

  1. Since you intend to gift this massage chair to someone in need, you can transport the massage chair to a friend or family member’s home directly after purchasing it before keeping it in your own house. If you have a car, you can take it with you now and give it to them whenever they want.
  2. Once the massage chair is inside of the house, you can plug it in and let it charge for a few hours. After this period has passed, you can turn the massage chair on and go through each setting to ensure they are all working properly. You should also add any oils or lotions that might come with the unit to ensure it

How to move the massage chair upstairs?

How to move the massage chair upstairs
How to move the massage chair upstairs

Moving massage chair upstairs is not too difficult of a task. Just take the time to do things organised, so it goes smoothly and safely.

  • Before you start to move your massage chair, move as many items from the stairs as possible. This will help with making room, so you do not hit anything. If the stairs are carpeted, try to move them on a hard surface like wood or linoleum. This way, you can keep them clean and not get hurt.
  • Before you try to move your massage chair up the stairs, make sure it is unplugged, and the power is off. You do not want to risk the chance of getting shocked, which could cause injury and damage to your chair. The massage chair also needs to be sturdy and free from any debris that could cause it to move unexpectedly.
  • If you have a manual massage chair that you are moving, lift its back and pull up on the handle. If you have an automatic massage chair like a zero gravity massage chair, make sure to strap it in before you try to move it upstairs. Use a moving blanket under the massage chair and make sure it is tight.
  • Once your massage chair is strapped in or lifted and ready, carry it slowly to the stairs. Try not to move the massage chair too quickly, as this could cause it to tip over and fall. Using the railing for help is always a good idea as well. Once you have moved your massage chair to the stairs, be sure to strap it in again. Lift both sides of the massage chair and move it slowly up the stairs, so you do not damage them. Once you get the massage chair to the top of the stairs, unplug it and put it in its new location.

Moving a Heavy Massage Chair

A heavy massage chair is hard to move because of its weight. A basic massage chair weighs around 100-150 pounds, but a more expensive chair can weigh 200 or more. It will be harder to move if the weight is not evenly distributed.

You will need a few strong people, a hand truck or two, and a strong moving pad or blanket to distribute the weight evenly.

First, prepare for the move:

  • Clear an area for the massage chair and move any other furniture out of the way.
  • Get a hand truck, moving pad, and blanket.
  • Get any tools needed to remove the legs of the chair if they are on.
  • Make sure there is nothing in the way of the moving path.
  • Next, remove the feet and wheels
  • Loosen all screws or bolts that hold the feet in place.
  • Remove the bolts and screws from the chair’s base if it has any.
  • From a stable position, lift the ball end of the foot and put it in a wheel
  • If there are wheels, place them on either side of the leg.
  • For legs with no wheels, rest the massage chair on its centre of gravity.
  • Finally, move the heavy massage chair
  • Hold the massage chair as close to you as possible with both hands.
  • Slowly move the massage chair to its desired location and place it down.
  • Relax your arms and take a deep breath.

The best way to move a heavy massage chair is by placing it in an upright position and pushing it from behind. First, disconnect the electric power cord and any other cords attached to the chair. Next, tip the massage upholstery back into an upright position, ensuring nothing is under it. Then, take the backrest and flip it upside down to rest on top of the bottom part of the chair.

How to move an infinity massage chair?

  • If you have no one to help, try doing it alone by moving it into sections.
  • Begin by removing all the controls from their casing. Unplug the chair and release any knobs to allow you to move it safely. Remove the back from the frame, then the seat, and remove any footrests. Now you can roll up each section of the chair for easy transport.
  • When you arrive at your new location, assemble the chair in reverse, which will make it easier to plug in all of the cords.
  • There may be some screws holding the unit in place, so it is good to be familiar with them and how they operate.

How do you move a Gintell massage chair?

A Gintell massage chair is a heavy piece of equipment, and it is essential to consider this when moving such a device.

  • You can move a massage chair if it is not plugged in. If the chair is plugged in, always unplug it before moving it. Depending on the model, the chair could weigh a few hundred pounds.
  • First, make sure there is enough room to place it before moving it.
  • Put on the brakes by pressing down on the side of the massage chair with your knee. Grab ahold of it from one of its handles, and push it forward.
  • If the chair has wheels, lift one side of it slightly higher than the other to make sure all four tires are on it. Once you’ve lifted one side, lower the other side’s level so they are even. The chair should roll smoothly.
  • Once you’ve reached your destination, lift one side of the chair higher than the other to ensure all four tires are on the ground.
  • Put down the brake by pressing down on the side of the massage chair with your knee.
  • Store it in a safe, dry place.

If a Gintell massage chair is too heavy or awkward for you to move, a moving company might be able to help.

How do you move an Osaki massage chair?

Most Osaki massage chairs do not come with a built-in stand and therefore cannot be moved from one spot to another without the help of a few tools and a friend.

To move your Osaki massage chair, first make sure it has been turned off and unplugged from its power source. Next, make sure the massage chair is sitting on a smooth surface and place it across two furniture pads or large pieces of cardboard. Place another two pieces of cardboard underneath the furniture pads to ensure that there will be no scratching or damage to the floor. Remember, if your massage chair has wheels, make sure they are in the locked position.

Osaki massage chairs come with a floor pedal that must be unplugged before moving the chair.

With the massage chair positioned across two pieces of cardboard or padded furniture pads, slowly slide it forward until the back is off the ground. Carefully slide the chair forward to ensure that none of its weight rests on the back.

Osaki massage chairs have a strong build and can be heavy. The user should take care to avoid injury because of the weight.

Moving the Sana Massage Chair

Moving the Sana massage chair is quite an easy thing to do. First, make sure to take apart everything that can be taken apart. This will include things like arm covers and headrest covers. You only need to know how the chair goes together and which screws go where. You can do this by watching the instructional video.

There are two ways to move the Sana Massage Chair. One is to use the remote control, and another way is by using the power cord.

  1. First of all, if you want to use your remote control for moving it around, just press any button on it and wait until you get closer before pressing that same or another button again so that it moves in that direction without hitting anything while doing so. The next step would be pulling out its plug from an electrical socket/power outlet and placing it next to where you want this chair moved to; now all set!
  2. The second method involves firmly pulling both sides of its power cord (while holding onto one side) towards each other while keeping pressure.

How do you move a Dreamwave massage chair?

A Dreamwave massage chair is a large, cumbersome piece of equipment. Before attempting to move the chair itself, it would be helpful to understand its size and weight.

To move a Dreamwave massage chair, you will need to find the two hidden release buttons on the chair’s base. Once you have located these, press them and hold them down as you lift the chair. Be sure to keep your hands close to the chair as you lift if it starts tipping backwards. Once it is clear of the base, take a few steps forward with the chair and release the buttons. Then place it in its new location and press down on each of the four corners to ensure that it is stable before using it.

How to move a lname massage chair?

A lname massage chair is a kind of chair that will massage your neck, back and arms. It usually has knobs or buttons for you to control the intensity of the massage or switch to other kinds of massages or types of strength. Once seated on this type of chair, it can vibrate, roll up, down, left to right, kneed or just plain massage your body.

How you move and protect your LNAME Massage Chair will vary by model. If you plan to move this kind of chair into your new house, the following information will be helpful for you.

Most LNAME Massage Chairs can be folded and moved with ease, and they will take up less space. Most models will fold in half, and some LNAME Massage chairs will even come with their carrying case or bag for storage purposes. Make sure that the chair is securely locked in the folded position before moving.

The safest way to transport your LNAME Massage Chair would be on its side, just like a baby rests when they sleep. The chair should never be flipped upside down because there could be damage done to internal parts of your LNAME Massage Chair.

LNAME Massage Chair are also sometimes very heavy, even though these are made to be portable. The best way to have at least two people is when you need to move your LNAME Massage Chair. One person is in charge of protecting the chair while it is being moved, and one person is in charge of moving it. If you cannot get other people to help you with the move, make sure that you have something sturdy to protect your chair while it is being moved. A blanket or towels will do the trick, but a tarp may be necessary if there is no fabric around. There should be at least two people when moving your LNAME Massage Chair to prevent injuries and allow the chair to be moved properly. If you do not have enough people to transport the chair on its side, you should use a rolling covered transportation device.

Although moving a lname massage chair yourself is generally straightforward, hiring professionals would always be better than doing the task on your own. This is because they know how to do it without hurting themselves or destroying stuff along the way. If you are unsure if you can handle it yourself, don’t hesitate to call them up and ask for their help.

Are massage chairs easy to move?

As with anything else in life, no one answer covers every single type of chair. Yes, some are highly portable, but most of them aren’t. So it depends on the type of chair you have in mind.

It depends on the model of the massage chair. Some models are lightweight and easy to move around, while others are heavier and more difficult to move. Care should be taken when moving any massage chair, as they can be delicate pieces of equipment.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a massage chair, it’s important to consider how easy it will be to move it around your home. If you’re not sure how to move your massage chair, please consult the manufacturer’s instructions or contact a professional mover/installer for help.

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