Electric massager and stimulators therapy

Everything You Want to Know about Electric Massage and Stimulators

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Are you thinking about electric stimulator massage therapy? that your doctor recommends during the checkup last night. Electrical stimulation sounds a little bit scary but exciting meanwhile. So, before we discuss How to use the electric stimulator massage? We will know what electric stimulator massage therapy is.

Electric massager and stimulators therapy
Electric massager and stimulators therapy


What is electric stimulator massage?

Electric stimulator massage, also known as e-stim, is a kind of massage therapy for relief in both chronic and acute pains by utilizing electrical frequencies. E-stimulator uses nominal electrical current for muscle recovery and veins. First of all French neurologist, Guillaume Duchenne established electric stimulator massage therapy in 1855.

E-stimulator massage therapy can turn your muscle discomfort into relaxation by muscle contraction. Repeated muscle contractions will increase your blood flow that will help in repairing muscle injuries.

Types of Electric-Stimulator Therapy

The two main types of electric-stimulator therapy are

  • EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Some other types are.

  • NMES (Neuromuscular electrical stimulation)
  • IFC (Interferential current)

How to use the electric stimulator massage?

The use of an electric stimulator massager is very convenient. Electric-stimulator comes in the form of small machines that are rechargeable and can easily fit in your hand. Each electric stimulator massager has sticky pads that are called electrodes attached with wire.

Massage pads positioning

Before pads attachment on the skin make sure your machine is off, position the electrodes directly on the skin at least at the distance of 1 inch apart on the painful area.
Try to avoid position the massage pads over these areas like

  • On Shocked areas
  • On your eyes and mouth.
  • At the same time on your chest and upper back
  • Broken or infected skin.

Switched on and adjust intensity : For massage therapy, switched on your machine set massage intensity and time according to your need. When the device starts working, it will deliver electrical pulses on the targeted area, and you will feel a sensation in your body.You can control the intensity of the electrical impulse through machine dial.The electrical impulses will turn your body discomfort into comfort by increasing endorphins production, which is considered the body’s natural pain reliever.

Always try to start on a low setting and progressively increase it when you feel comfortable with the sensation.
If the tingling sensation starts to feel painful or uncomfortable, reduce it slightly.

If your injury cause swears pain and limits your physical mobility, you should use an electric stimulator massager according to your physical therapist’s recommendations for fast recovery.

The most common conditions in which people can use electric stimulator massager are

  • Upper and lower back pain
  • To improve muscles function
  • For neck pain, knee pain
  • To treat stubborn sports injuries
  • Bursitis
  • To get relief in period pain

How to clean electric massage pads?

Different electric massagers are a significant source of pain relief in muscle injuries despite medications. Electric massage pads are an essential tool in electrical massagers to transfer the electrical signals in muscles and nerves. It’s natural to electric massage pads can become dirty due to oil and dirt after multiple uses. A person should replace electrode pads after use 18 to 20 times. But if you clean your massage pads properly, you can increase their life span and enjoy them for a long time. Here are some guidelines that you can use quickly to clean your massage pads and make them last longer.

Skin hygiene

The first thing is proper skin hygiene. It would be best if you focused on your skin, where you will use electrode pads. If your skin is not clean properly, massage pads can lose their stickiness very early. Before applying electric massage pads, wash your skin with good soap and make sure there is no natural skin oil and your skin is dry entirely. It will keep your electric massage pads clean from greasy oil.

Use a damp cloth to wipe.

After using an electrical massager, always use a damp cloth to clean electrode pads before storing them. It will help you in cleaning dirt and any oil from the massage pads. Avoid using any stiff napkin and paper towel because they can get stuck with places and make the condition worse. Never use any alcohol or hard scrub and not wash directly underwater.

Softly brush your electrode pads.

You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean your electric massage pads. Gently brush your massage pads in one direction to remove dirt particles from them. It will increase the functionality and shelf life of electric massage pads.

Use of Electrode Gels & Electrolyte Sprays

Furthermore, you can use some Electrode Gels & Electrolyte Sprays to clean electric massage paid and make them sticky again. Electrode pads are moisture sensitive. These gels and sprays will also help you to keep them hydrating to increase comfort. You can use iRelive conductive gel or any other you want to find easily so that your electrode pads can last as long as possible.

How to massage the face with an electric massager?

Electrical face massagers are very popular nowadays to massage the face properly. These massagers are available in a vast range with different designs and accessories. Now it’s possible that you can do skin exfoliating massage, anti-aging massage, and face lifting massage effortlessly. And the fantastic thing is that these facial massagers are cost-friendly. Facial massagers detoxify the skin, improve blood circulation and enhance skin tone.

Electrical massagers are considered safe for face massage and ideal for face fat burning quickly.

  • Wash your hands with a good soap
  • Cleanse your face accurately and tie back your hairs
  • Ensure there are no oil and dirt on your face. It may damage your electric massage pads and make them less sticky.
  • Apply electric massager’s pads on the skin, wait at least for 10 minutes if all is well, then start it regularly.
  • Appropriately Palace electric massage pads on your face area where you want to massage.
  • Turn on the device and select massage intensity.
  • In case you feel any uncomfortable sensations due to sensitive skin after some time, decrease massage intensity or stop to massage.

How long after thigh muscle injury and how often to use an electric massager?

We can say electric massagers can play a vital role in the muscle injury restoration process. These massagers are beneficial to develop more oxygen and nutrients into soft muscles and tissues. As a result, an increase of essential nutrients into the tissues accelerates injured muscles’ healing rate. But the critical question is that how long after thigh muscle injury you can use an electric massager.?

The answer depends on different factors like your doctor’s prescription, your pain, and your physical need. A regular 20 minutes massage of an electric massager for thigh muscle injury is beneficial, but it may not be accurate for everyone.

Similarly, how often you should get a massage after your thigh muscle injury also depends on your stress level and emotional needs. But you might need to massage your thigh muscles twice a week until you feel better.

You will experience your injury fast recovery by an electric massager massage. The regular massage will keep your nervous system calm, relieves your thigh muscle pain and spams.

How should a long neck massage be with an electric massager?

Most of us feel a sewer pain in our neck muscles after spending a long busy desk workday in the office or home. Similarly, children are also suffering from excessive neck pressure in this technology era when they frequently look on their smartphones. That’s why most people behave rudely and respond in poor posture when they met with others.

Electric neck massagers are a quick solution for those who are suffering from neck stress and pain. Continues neck stress can cause sleeping disorders that are another severe issue. Electric neck massagers are rechargeable devices used to massage the neck area to provide a sense of relief by applying heat strokes. These devices are available in different forms specially designed to reduce neck fatigue. But before using the electric neck massager most essential thing that you should know, how long a person can use an electric neck massager to massage their neck?

The answer is straightforward. There is not a fixed time to use every type of electric neck massager for everybody. During the use of an electric neck massager, these instructions keep in mind.

  • First, read carefully the specific product instruction written on it before massage your neck because the inappropriate use of a neck massager can cause paralysis and nerve damage.
  • According to your doctor’s recommendations, it’s ideal to use your electric neck massager if you face a medical neck problem.
  • One PubMed Central study shows that a 60-minute massage of an electric neck massager two or three times a week is more beneficial than getting a 60-minute massage once a week or a few 30-minute massages weekly.
  • Lydell Nunn, a chiropractor, suggests that using your neck massager two to four times a week for five to 10 minutes in the affected areas.
  • We can say neck massage timings can vary from product to product or person to person.
  • Some electric neck massagers are not considered useful for massage daily due to their vigorous electric massage intensity.
  • Similarly, if someone feels any weird sensation in your neck while using an electric neck massager even after 5 minutes, they should stop using their massager immediately.
  • But at the same time, if you are comfortable with your electric neck massager heating function, you can use it two times a day for 10 minutes too.

We can say that an electric neck massager is the best gift for your loved ones, but if you will use it in the correct manners

Which is better, air or electric massage chair

A massage chair is like a comfy lounge-style chair equipped with different accessories like neck massage cushions, struts, and leaning angles.These chairs are equipped with different cushions, braces, leaning angles, and surfaces that allow different parts of your body (usually your back, neck, arms, and legs) to feel vibrating, squeezing, and pressing sensations beneath the outer surface of the chair.

Are massage cushions good for you?

Are you confused? About the use of a massage cushion. Whether Is it good for you or not? Of course, it’s fear. Now overcome your confusion. Because the answer is a Big Yes.

Massage cushions are good for you. From broad research established in the last few years, researchers clearly state that all types of massage cushions are ideal for upper back and lower back pains, neck stress, and leg discomfort. Because massage cushions increase the body’s blood flow, they also help reduce the chances of Deep Vein Thrombosis in your legs. DVA (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a clot type made in your legs when you start seated for a long time daily. In the market, massage cushions are available in a wide range. But mostly, they are formed in two types.

  1.  Separate massage cushions. The separate massage cushions are moveable, like a small cushion or pillow. You can use it for any part of the body.
  2.  Fixed massage cushions. The fixed massage cushions are non-moveable because they are attached to the top of your chair.

You can use the separated massage cushion to massage different body parts like your legs, feet, and lower back. If you are looking for a massage cushion that you can carry easily with you and can use anywhere, then the separated massage cushion is perfect. Although only using a massage cushion cannot solve your medical issues completely, it can help heal any injury by increasing blood circulation, decreasing muscle stress, and improving mood. Massage cushions are highly flexible because you can adjust massage cushions settings like massage programs and massage intensity (high, low, moderate)according to massage application zone (specific body part). That’s why we can say that the person who will try first-time a massage cushion will not face any problems because he/she can make adjustments according to their body sensitivity.

If in this covid environment you are facing a lockdown situation. Air or electric massage chairs can provide muscles calming massage in your lounge’s comfort without going outside to a therapist. Both chairs are good accordind specific person needs.

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