Zero Gravity Massage Chairs complete guide

Guide to Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

We are in the age of technology and it has transformed our lifestyle in terms of comfort, time-saving, and a lot more. Back in the day massages were given by hands by putting pressure on different points on the body but as time changed and with the mind-blowing advancements in technology this method has also been revamped and massage chairs are one of them.

We cannot deny the importance of gravity considering it just a natural phenomenon that things fall down on earth instead of going up. No life would be possible on earth without gravitational force and the universe will be dispersed and scattered. Gravity keeps all the planets moving in their orbits and we get the warmth of the sun. It has a very important role in the healing process of injuries, fractures, and wounds. Discovering the gravitational force has opened new horizons and doors to research and then it was applied to a lot of inventions, one of them is the zero gravity massage chair.

The very first Zero-G full massage chair available in the US came out in 2004 but it didn’t take off due to its poor technology. HUMAN TOUCH made the zero gravity chair in 2008 and was called “Acu Touch HT-7450”. NASA has worked a lot on this technology and has made many advancements and this zero gravity chair is a result of it.


What Is Gravity?

It is because of the gravitational force that we could walk on earth otherwise we would be floating free in space and we have to strap down everything. The gravitational force pulls our body and we feel pressure and compression on our body. So when this force is reduced stress on our body is put down and diminishes and we enjoy the light and floaty feeling and feel relax.

Who Used The Zero Gravity Chair First?

NASA tried to help their astronauts cope with the effects of crushing G forces and they discovered that a reclining position is safest for astronauts which are now known as the zero gravity position.

Zero gravity chair was first used for astronauts by NASA. When astronauts are escaping the earth in a shuttle to zoom up to the sky this gravitational force puts an increased pull of gravitational force on their bodies that could have very negative effects on the body so they use their chair in a reclined position to distribute the compression across the body

There must be some questions popping up into your mind

  • What makes these massage chairs zero-gravity?
  • Does the user literally experience weightlessness?
  • Are we going to float/fly by sitting on this chair?
  • Does this chair hover?
  • What exactly a zero gravity chair is and how does it function?
  • Why is this a highly demanded feature?

So what is Zero-G in a massage chair?

Zero-G is the reclining configuration of the massage chair in which your body gains a Z shape and your legs are lifted above the heart to maximize comfort and minimize pressure. This position distributes the weight evenly, taking off all the pressure on your body and it has a lot of health benefits. The chairs are called zero-gravity because of the position the chair assumes when activated.

How Does a Zero-G Chair Works?

Zero gravity massage chairs that advertise zero gravity configuration in their product can raise your legs above your torso. And it’s a luxury after a stressful and tiring day and has magical effects on your body. Zero gravity massage chair places your body in a position just like the one used by astronauts and recreates the unbelievably tranquil sensation of floating. The positioning of the legs above the heart is the significant factor here.

To simulate the feeling of weightlessness, the chairs raise your legs above your heart and distributes the weight of your body evenly across the chair and it minimizes the pressure that gravity exerts on your body.

Not all the zero gravity chairs are massage chairs that are an extra perk. Some chairs just recline to keep you in a zero-gravity position and distribute the weight and support you without any massage experience. This position helps to improve blood circulation and reduces swelling. By putting a couple of pillows under your legs you could achieve the same effect but that’s not as impressive.

The Zero Gravity massage chair is extremely luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing. Here are some of the massage chair features

  • S and L track
  • Foot massager
  • Remote control
  • Airbags
  • Heat pads
  • LED chromo
  • Bluetooth
  • Head massage
  • Vibrating surfaces to ease aches and pains
  • Zero gravity positioning

Your legs are snuggled into two concave indentations on the leg rest. The head is settled against a cushioned headrest and you will be using a remote control to recline the chair and to raise your legs. And all the tension and stiffness accumulated after a tiresome hectic routine will go away. In a Zero-G reclining chair, you feel weightless and almost floating. Today nearly 1/3 of the massage chairs are Zero-G and the technology is fluid and seamless. It is a therapeutic treatment for your muscles with rollers and/or airbags.

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Types of Zero Gravity Chairs

Two types of zero gravity chairs are available in the market, according to the use they are made for

  1. Outdoor zero gravity chairs
  2. Indoor zero gravity chairs

Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs: These chairs have minimum features and offer a relaxed posture while enjoying nature and soaking some sunshine in your garden. These chairs are designed to be used outdoors, in patios and backyards.

Indoor Zero Gravity Chairs: These chairs manifest a lot more feature than the outdoor chairs. A vast variety of features are available in these chairs with different colors, fabrics, and construction options. They have a lot more functions than a typical recliner.

Benefits of Using a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

When you sit in a massage chair designed to keep you in a zero-gravity position and you’re being massaged it impacts you in a lot of positive ways. Every feature of a body massage chair is designed to maximize comfort, health benefits, and relief to the person sitting in the chair.

1. Improves circulation and reduces swelling: The human body is very impressive, delicate, and complex machinery. After an, all day long exerted routine at the office when your legs are aching and your feet are swelled this massage chair gives you a heavenly healing experience. The heart has to fight against the force of gravity which is pulling the blood to the legs and the blood is pooled in the legs. In a Zero gravity massage chair your legs are lifted above your heart which improves overall blood circulation to your muscles, including any sore ones, reduces the pressure on your heart. All your pains and aches due to poor circulation fade away.
2. Relaxes Spine: By putting yourself in a zero gravity chair, the pressure drops dramatically on the spine and vertebrae because gravity doesn’t act in its usual downward position on your spine and the spine is free to relax. That is otherwise under constant pressure.
3. Reduces Neck/Back Pain: This chair is a lifesaver for people suffering from neck/back pain because your neck doesn’t have to carry the weight of your head while on the chair so this also reduces neck and back pain.
4. Enhances your relaxation: A zero gravity reclining chair gives an optimal comfort level and when all the tension from your muscles is taken away after an intense massage experience it elevates your mood you feel relax.
5. Regulates breathing for insomnia and asthma: Improved blood circulation results in sufficient blood supply to the brain and results in improved sleep patterns. more oxygen is delivered and this is very beneficial for asthma patients.
6. Improves breathing: When the pressure from your spine is removed it allows you to resume a more natural position and it increases the area available in your body for your lungs. As a result, more oxygen is supplied to the blood, having an overall beneficial effect. Your lungs get space to expand you’ll actually be able to breathe better and this results in more oxygen supply to the body.
7. Reduce the Stress from Your Heart: In a zero-gravity position, stress on the heart is reduced due to pumping the blood in a vertical position and works a lot more efficiently and with less effort.
8. Helps Improve Posture: The zero-gravity posture improves the posture of the body by decompressing the spine. The posture improves the bend and lumpiness of your shoulders and neck.
9. Regulates High Blood Pressure: When you are relaxed as all your stresses and muscle tensions are relieved after an enjoyable massage the blood pressure reduces and remains normal.
10. Reduces Anxiety, Tension, and Stress: After relaxed massage therapy stress is alleviated. And zero-g position heightens the massage experience hence providing deeper relief from physical and mental stresses. Such a message does not only provide physical relief but is also great for the mind.
11. Boosts the Immune System: An intense massage increases the lymphatic circulation in the human body. The lymphatic system is the drainage network of our body and it keeps the fluids in our body moving and in balance. These are the guards against diseases and build and boost the immune system and helps recover from sickness.

Types of Massage Techniques in Massage Chair

Today most massage chairs have five primary massage techniques. Terminologies used by brands may differ, but have a similar meaning and are often used interchangeably and these function to improve one’s general wellbeing and refresh the senses.

  1. Shiatsu Massage: Finger pressure on meridian points. People who are facing insomnia due to stress and people with a sedentary lifestyle could benefit from this as it relieves stress and stimulates circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems. It helps in arthritis, relieving neck and back pain and sprains.
  2. Kneading Massage: Compressing of soft tissue in a rotational motion. The push-and-pull movement applies deep pressure on the body and allows the underlying muscle fibers to be mobilized and stretched. The heat produced as a result of motion promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. It eases the body by removing the stiffness of muscles due to bad posture and immobile posture. It improves flexibility by reducing muscle spasms.
  3. Rolling Massage: Continuous unidirectional forward strokes. Rolling massage helps to improve circulation and ease muscle stiffness by stretching restricted joints and tissues. Frequent application of this technique boosts the immune system and it helps both the desk-bound professions and sportspeople. In this technique, continuous unidirectional forward strokes on targeted areas are applied especially on the back and lumbar area.
  4. Tapping Massage: Rhythmic strokes applied using alternating hands at a rapid pace. Extremely hard activities cause body fatigue. Tapping Massage increases the local blood circulation and loosens tight knots in the underlying tissues. This technique is especially useful as part of a warm-up routine before playing sports. Tapping provides quick relief in pain deep inside the muscle and gives a relieving feeling. Other brands use cupping, knocking, percussion, rhythm, and chopping terms for tapping.
  5. Compression Massage: Applying deep pressure. Feet and legs bear our weight all day long so are the most exhausted part of the body. So treating them for some relaxing massage time results in releasing the tight spots. It speeds up the healing process, promotes blood circulation, eases muscle soreness, and lymphatic circulation throughout the body.
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Consider These Aspects While Buying a Zero Gravity Chair

Planning to buy a zero gravity chair? Take into consideration the following things

  1. Stability: Before finalizing the chair sit on it and check out the stability and feel. Consider buying the one In which you feel more secure and stable. Lying awkwardly will not let the massage experience be beneficial for you in an optimal way.
  2. Quality of construction: Investment in a zero gravity chair should be made after a thoughtful process and be mindful of the construction quality for prolonged use. Hardwood will stand up to the punishment a lot better than engineered wood will. Zero gravity chairs that are designed to be used indoors are made of wood and cushioning
  3. Cushioning: Cushions will help with the state of relaxation and prevent any hard surfaces from pressing upon your body, which can potentially impede blood circulation. Find something according to your particular preference. Some prefer soft cushions, while others go for firmer cushions but not too hard since that will impede the intention of trying to enhance blood flow and relaxing muscles.
  4. Massage functions: The massage function is an extra adds to the Chairs and increases the price simultaneously making it more useful, these zero gravity chairs alleviate the stress that is built up over time in your muscles. Heating functions providing an enhanced massage experience in your zero gravity chair.

Tips for Choosing a Zero Gravity Chair

Now you know what are you looking for, here are some guidelines for choosing a good zero gravity chair.

  1. Figure out your budget: Never go too cheap nor too expensive cheap one usually doesn’t serve the features for an optimal massage experience and the expensive one causes a lot of drain on your money.
  2. Check Out Physical Stores: Try out a few chairs at physical stores if you are planning to buy a chair since that lets you get a feel for the product before you buy it. Figure out which functions you need, and which ones you can do without. Then you can go into selecting chairs that fit your budget and your feature requirements.
  3. Find something that suits your home: Something that suits the decor of your home in terms of colour or fabric that you want, check stores and also keeps in mind the form and functions that you need. And you will get a perfect suit for your home within your budget.
  4. List and filter what you selected: After making a list of product that you are interested in, you can finalize that which ones suit your requirements and budget the most. This will make finding a chair easy and you will get options according to your budget and the features that you want.

Are zero-gravity massage chairs worth the expense?

Not all massage chairs come with the zero-g feature. Massage chairs with this feature usually cost above $3000 all the way up to close to $10,000. Having a zero gravity massage chair in your house is a great way to get relief from sore muscles due to exertion. And even for people with a sedentary lifestyle who sit all day long at offices in their chairs. If you’re considering purchasing a massage chair you should go for one with a zero-g feature and you won’t regret buying it.


A good zero gravity chair is expensive but the health benefits that you get from it outweigh the cost. Everybody has their own reasons for buying a zero gravity chair so stick to your requirements and enjoy a massage from the comfort of your home.

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