Deep Review of Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hyperice Hypervolt

it is possibly the best known massage gun that is currently available in the market. Many professional athletes, fitness athletes and chiropractors who have become real stars on YouTube use this massage tool. But what is it about this massage gun?

In this article, we show you the ultimate Hyperice Hypervolt test. Before creating the Hypervolt test report, we tested the massage gun for several weeks and show you our conclusion in this article. Here you will find our experience report with the advantages and disadvantages of the Hypervolt Massage Gun. We will also tell you whether it is worth buying this massager. So stay tuned!

Quick Overview
Best Percussion Massage Gun

Hyperice-Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun


  • 5 different massage attachments
  • 3 different intensity levels
  • Battery life of over 2 hours
  • Elegant design & good workmanship
  • Very pleasant volume, even at the highest level
  • Best For Athletes & runners

Hyperice – Manufacturer of innovative Massage Devices

Before we start with the Hypervolt Massage Gun Test, we would like to take a little digression and provide you with background information on the manufacturer of the Hypervolt Massage Gun:

The company hyperice, based in the US, is a fitness company, the muscle has specialized in the development of innovative vibration massage devices to improve performance and recovery.

In addition to the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun, the company also has many other massage tools in its product portfolio, such as a fascia roller with vibration function ( Hyperice Vyper 2.0 *) or a compression cuff specifically for legs or shoulders (Hyperice Venom Leg or Venom Shoulder). The Hypervolt Massage Gun is, however, the bestseller and the best-known product of this company.

This is why everything revolves around testing the Hypervolt Massage Gun.

The first impression of Hyperice Hypervolt

When the package arrived, we couldn’t wait to finally take a look at the long-awaited massage gun and then write this Hyperice Hypervolt test for you. The first glance at the packaging leaves a lasting impression and makes you look forward to the inside.


The Hypervolt is well protected in an elegant folding box with a magnetic closure. The buyer can see at a glance what awaits them here. Because the Hypervolt Massage Gun is very prominently printed in its original size on the top of the packaging. Since the Hyperice Hypervolt is delivered already charged, you can conveniently use the massage tool directly without having to charge it for hours beforehand. So we jumped full of energy into the Hypervolt massage gun. First of all, we tried the flat massage attachment, which is already pre-assembled. Before we report on the massage experience, however, we will first look at the exterior of the hyper-volt in the next section.

Hypervolt Massage Gun Optics & Haptics

In this section, we would like to deal with the optical and haptic properties of the Hypervolt Massage Gun. In most cases, a qualitative product is already noticeable in its presentation and the materials used.

Visually, the Hypervolt massage gun impresses with its shiny metallic surface and the striking black handle, which has a green light strip at the bottom when it is started up. The gray housing is made of brushed stainless steel. For comparison: alternative massage guns are usually made entirely of plastic. Here the Hypervolt scores with its outstanding workmanship!

The handle has a slightly roughened rubber surface. This is said to make it easier to hold the massage gun during use. Since the Hypervolt was designed in such a way that you should also be able to massage yourself, this massager only weighs 1.2 kg. So the self-massage is very comfortable. Other massage guns sometimes weight over 2 kg for comparison.

However, people with slightly smaller hands could find it difficult to use the Hypervolt Massage Gun with one hand because the handle is relatively thick. On the other hand, this gives them a good excuse not to carry out the massage themselves, but to be massaged by their partners 🙂

We personally had no problems using the hypervolt. By the way, we don’t have very big hands.

Hyperice Hypervolt Volume Test

In this section of the Hypervolt test, we look at the volume of this massage gun. The volume is an extremely important criterion in our eyes and ears. The massage should provide relaxation and regeneration. Loud tones are definitely out of place. A handheld massager that is as loud as a jackhammer is not only annoying, it also reduces relaxation and even affects our health.

Loud noises have been shown to increase the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol attacks the immune system and is counter-productive in terms of muscle health.

The Hypervolt is currently one of the quietest massage gun on the market.

In the volume comparison of the massage gun, the Hypervolt scores excellent. If you compare the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun with the probably biggest competitor on the market – TheraGun – you can see that there is a huge difference in volume.

  • The TheraGun G2PRO has a volume of 85-90 dB.
  • The TheraGun G3PRO Although advertises 50% to be quieter than its predecessor, but still has a volume of 70-75 dB on.

It should be mentioned that 10 dB difference equals doubling the volume.

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Hypervolt massage Gun Attachments and its Features

Flat head attachment

The flat head attachment is probably the most used and versatile massage head from Hypervolt. Due to its flat and very large surface, the vibrations are distributed over a larger area in the body. This attachment does not penetrate the tissue as deeply as, for example, the Bullet attachment – in contrast, the flat-head can be used for large-scale treatment. From back to chest, from arms to legs. There are almost no limits to the flat-head attachment. For people with back problems or athletes who want to loosen up or regenerate their muscles, the flat-head is the No. 1 choice.

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Bullet Attachment

In direct comparison with the other massage heads, the Bullet attachment has the smallest area, which also tapers. Visually it resembles a projectile (gun bullet), which is why it bears the name Bullet. The Bullet attachment is the best way to treat trigger points and other painful areas on the body, since it penetrates deeply into the tissue. With this essay you should n’t work over a large area, you should really massage selected areas.

Ball Attachment

In contrast to the other massage heads, the ball attachment is made of a somewhat softer material. This attachment is therefore particularly suitable for more sensitive areas such as the neck. This attachment is also suitable for large muscle areas and extensive treatment. We also recommend the use of the ball attachment to people who want to get started with the Hypervolt Massage Gun.

Fork Attachment

One of the most uncomfortable feelings when treating with the Hypervolt Massage Gun is probably bumping your bones. The bump on a bone can happen quickly, especially in the case of slightly slimmer people. It is a good thing that the fork attachment is available for this case. This massage head has been designed for use on the back along the spine. This essay is a blessing for people with back pain.

In addition to treating the entire middle back, this attachment can also be used to treat wonderfully larger muscle groups, such as the thigh.

Shock absorber flat head Attachment

This essay has not been around for so long. In the previous model’s there were only 4 attachments. This is the 5th massage head in the bunch. In our opinion, the shock absorber flat head is a light version of the flat head attachment. With this attachment you can treat the body over a large area. In contrast to the flat head attachment, this has shock absorbers, which make the blow to the body a little milder.

Especially female users have preferred this attachment to the normal flat head. So if you like it a bit milder, this essay is good for you.

Hypervolt Battery Life

The endurance of the Hypervolt Massage Gun is one of its greatest assets. With a battery life of 2-3 hours, the Hypervolt does an excellent job in the comparison. With daily use of the massage gun of 5-10 minutes, the Hypervolt only needs to be charge every 24-36 days.

If the Hypervolt is used continuously at intensity level 1, it will withstand around 3 hours. At the highest level, the battery life is around 2 hours.

As part of our Hypervolt test, we used the massage gun for 4 weeks and actually never charged it once.

A useful and very chic detail caught our eye when using the Hypervolt. The battery level can not only be read from the control surface, but also from the color of the light strip on the handle. While the light strip is still green at the beginning, it turns yellow and then orange during useIf the battery level runs out, the light strip will finally turn red. This is a very nice feature we think!

To charge, the Hypervolt Massage Gun only needs to be connected to a charging cable, similar to charging the smartphone. The Hypervolt is fully charged again within 2 hours and ready for another 24-36 days of use.

Hypervolt advantages and disadvantages

Now we draw our conclusion from the Hypervolt test. In the following, we summarize our experience report and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the hypervolt.

As you can see from the number of bullet points, the positive aspects clearly outweigh them. In our eyes, the disadvantages of hypervolt’s are trifles or aspects that disappear over time. When opening the packaging, we first noticed a plastic smell of the attachments. This smell disappeared on the first day.

We personally are very satisfied with the Hypervolt and can therefore only give our readers a clear recommendation to buy the Hypervolt.

What We Like
  • 5 essays with different purposes.

  • Powerful battery with an incredible 2-3 hours of endurance.

  • Portable size & light weight.

  • can also be used in the gym, for example.

  • Very pleasant volume even at the highest level.

  • Noble design with high quality materials.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.

  • One-handed use possible.

  • The attachments are made of hard plastic and smell at the beginning.

  • The handle is a bit too thick for people with small hands.

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