Best Power Massager v1.5 Review

Timtam Power Massager v1.5 Review (Features,Comparisons)

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TimTam Power Massager

It is one of the best percussion handheld massagers in the market. It is used as a warm-up before a workout, to help in muscle recovery after a workout, to increase blood flow, and to relax the knots and tension in overworked muscles from an intense training session.

TimTam Power Massager has been very popular these days among professional athletes, trainers, and even serious gym rats. It has a patent-pending shaft that provides durability and great performance.

It effectively heals the affected areas and is also good for chronic pains and soreness in the body. It gives quick relief from neck, back, shoulder, and lower and upper back muscle pain. It also increases the flexibility of your glutes, the hip flexors and quads, and adductors in your thighs.

Quick Overview
Best Power Massager
TimTam Power Massager
  • 2000 pulses per minute
  • cold and hot massage Feature
  • Lightweight, Portable & quiet
  • 30 minutes of battery life
  • 90-degree rotation feature
  • Best For Athletes & runners


The massager has a combination of frequency, amplitude, and torque to provide a deep tissue massage. Although, it is a bit pricey, but gives you an effective massage.

Its appearance is quite high quality and more attractive. It is useful for those who engage in combat sports and have to deal with related injuries and problems.

High-powered Motor

It has a high-powered motor with the ability to produce 2000 pulses per minute. It penetrates into your muscles and relaxes your muscles. Its motor gives you deep tissue massage. You can enjoy its great massage experience.

Effective Modern Recovery

The massager gives you an effective and fast modern recovery. You can feel its results in 60 seconds or less than that. When finding an area that is sore and you squeeze the trigger for letting the Power Massager do its work, you will instantly feel the results. It improves its performance through its better recovery.


It has a patent-pending shaft that provides durability and great performance. It is made from high-quality antimicrobial plastic material. It is a durable massage gun. It gives you great recovery after a long day’s workout. It treats plantar fasciitis pain in your feet and provides your calves and shins with greater flexibility.

One Speed Setting

TimTam v1.5 comes with a one-speed setting. But you have to remember that its 5 minutes are equal to the 30 minutes massage session with the therapist. It’s one speed that can give you all the experiences of variable speed settings.

Attachment Nodes

The powerful percussion massager comes with one attachment head. It has around 85 shore tips. It is a rubber-made tip. You can use another massage tip for it because it is a replaceable massage node. Other massage tips/nodes would charge you.

Hot and Cold Tips

TimTam comes with one of the best qualities of cold and hot massage. It has hot tips for a hot massage and cold tips for cold massage. These tips are made of silicon. You can get benefit from both of these tips. You would have to pay extra for these tips. They help in the circulation of blood.

90-degree Articulating Head

The massager comes with another function that you can rotate up to 90 degrees to the full benefits of massage. It is good for your hard-to-reach areas such as the neck and back. It releases tension in tight muscle areas if you have tight or troublesome areas in your body.

Very Quiet

The massager has a very quiet motor. It is quieter than the TimTam past models. It produces 60 decibels of sound. There is one thing that you cannot hear your TV sound while using it.

Battery life

The massager has a 12V Lithium-ion battery. It is rechargeable and also removable. Its battery works for 40 minutes of continuous use. It will take you 45 minutes to fully charge the battery. It is good for personal use.

Lightweight and Portable

TimTam is a lightweight and portable massager. You can take it anywhere with yourself. It will give deep tissue massage everywhere. You can quickly get relief from chronic pains in the back, shoulder, and other parts of your body.

Comparison of Theragun G3 Pro and TimTam v1.5

Massage Power

Theragun G3 Pro is a great deep tissue massager. It improves its recovery performance. It melts away your stress and releases knots. Its heavy-duty function takes care of your more extreme pain and problems present in your body.

Both devices are doing a great job in terms of massage. But Tim-Tam power massager can massage more in-depth into the soft tissues from the Theragun massage gun. The Tim Tam power massager’s stroke depth is higher than Theragun’s, but the message length is the same. The person who cannot bear more pressure should prefer to use Theragun because it has different speed settings.

Category Tim Tam Power Massager Theragun G3 Pro
Strokes per mint 1000 to 2800 1740 to 2400
Stroke depth 32mm 16mm
Stroke length 0.6 /16 mm 0.6 /16 mm

Both TimTam and Theragun are great percussion massagers. If you compare Theragun with TimTam, TimTam will not disappoint you due to its features.

TimTam generates 2000 percussions per minute whilst Theragun generates 1700 to 2000 percussions per minute. TimTam comes with a one-speed setting, but it gives a deep massage of five minutes which is equal to thirty minutes of other massagers. However, Theragun comes with two-speed settings.

After comparing the above figures, it is straightforward for anyone to choose the device according to their self-need.


Theragun is a pricey massager, but TimTam comes at a reasonable price. Both are cordless, portable, and lightweight massagers.

Most people compare costs when they want to make a final decision to purchase one item from two. When we compare Tim -Tam power massager vs Theragun in terms of price, Theragun is more expensive than Tim -Tam power massager. So it is understandable that people who want an economic package will go for Tim-Tam. But at the same time, both massagers are offering 30 days money-back grantee and one year warranty that’s awesome.

Category Tim Tam Power Massager Theragun Massage Gun
Warranty One year One year
Money-back grantee 30 days 30 days

Batteries power and life

Both massagers have powerful rechargeable and detachable lithium batteries. But when we compare in terms of recharge speed and battery power, Tim-Tam is on second no. Theragun has two batteries of 12V, 2.5 Ah with 150 minutes battery life, vs.TimTamhas a single battery of 12V, 2.0 Ah with 40-60 minutes battery life. But Tim-Tams battery is strong enough to sustain it and will not disappoint the user. Tim Tam can also charge in less time (60 mint) than Theragun (80 mint).

Theragun comes along with 6 interchangeable attachments; TimTam comes along with one fixed massage. TimTam’s attachment head can rotate up to 90 degrees, but Theragun’s attachment nodes can’t.

Category Tim Tam Power Massager Theragun (massage gun)
Battery power 12 V, 2.0 ah 12 V, 2.5 ah
Battery life 4o to 60 minutes 150 minutes
Battery recharge time 60 minutes 80 minutes
No of batteries 1 2

Massage attachments

To enjoy a customized experience, both massagers are providing different massage attachments. Tim Tam massage power has only one standard massage tip than Theragun, which has four massage heads. These are more convenient for versatile massage options. You can purchase more Tim Tam massage attachment options like a cold, hot, and blade-shaped design by paying extra that sounds wearied.

Bluetooth compatibility

Theragun massage gun is a Bluetooth-compatible device, but the Tim-Tam massager is not.

Carrying case

Both massagers have beautiful carrying cases along with other accessories. It’s easier to move any massage device in a carrying case.

Hot and Cold Therapy

TimTam comes with the best quality of hot and cold therapy; Theragun lacks this functionality.


Most of the people want to have one massager at their home. In this case, I would rather prefer TimTam on Theragun.

Hence, both massagers TimTam and Theragun give deep tissue massage. They are the real kings of the percussion on the market. They both are very powerful percussion massagers.

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Are there any alternatives to TimTam Massage Gun?

Yes, there are other good massage guns that are alternative to Timtam. You can check these massagers, their specifications & their pros and cons here.

Can Tim-tam Power Massager be used on feet, ankles, hand palms, and neck?

Tim tam massager is a versatile massage tool, and yes, you can use it to massage from neck to feet.

Tim Tam power massager is another fantastic innovation in massager’s world and viral these days. It is considered a powerful tool for deep muscle massage with a powerful motor that can deliver up to 2000 strokes in a minute with 32mm depth. The device is highly versatile with cold and hot tips. Athletes, massage therapists, and trainers prefer a Tim-Tam power massager because only 60 second sitting of this massager is equal to a one-hour deep massage treatment from the massage therapist.

People can use it on their arms, back, feet, chest, and anywhere to get relief in only 60 seconds. If you feel discomfort in your ankles, and knees use it.
The most affected area of a person’s body is their feet because most people seem to complain about stress in their feet after a long 9-5 day. Your tired feet can turn your body’s comfort into discomfort and can change your good mood into a bad mood. If you are also facing this problem, then the Tim-Tam Power Massager is a must for you. You can use a Tim-Tam massager to massage your feet. It’s essential to apply power massager on feet very wisely without hurting bones because a foot is a combination of tissues and small bones. Turn on the power massager at slow speed in curved motion to massage on the feet arches correctly.

If you want an intense massage, use a metal nip and apply pressure around the bone area by avoiding bones. Use Tim-tam massager for neck stiffness and frozen shoulder and to improve your mobility, apply this power massager on ankles. You can use this power massager for hand cramps treatment too.

What is the Difference between Massage Guns & handheld Massagers?

Both of these massagers are used to get rid of the pain. Handheld Massagers are specially used for general purposes like neck and back massage while the massage gun is designed to give relief to the muscles and deep tissues of the body. The second big difference is the price. Handheld Massagers are cheap while massage guns are expensive.

Massage guns and handheld massagers are both used to get rid of discomfort and pain. The two main differences between massage guns and handheld massagers are.

  • Usage: Handheld massagers are only for soft tissue massages like the neck, upper back, and lower back pain, while massage guns are for deep tissue and muscle massages. Handheld massagers are for at-home therapy, and massage guns are for widespread professional use.
  • Price: A second big difference is the price factor. Massage guns are more expensive than handheld massagers. For a person who can not afford massage guns, handheld massagers are the best option.

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