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Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager Review

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Brookstone Max 2

This eliminates the tension that your muscles accumulate throughout the day. You can have an effective massage of the whole surface of your back. Its adjustable speed levels provide you a soothing massage when where you need it the most.

It is considered as one of the top-rated handheld massagers. Its nodes move up and down for giving you a deep and more satisfying percussion massage. You can see the difference between nodes up and down movement.

It helps to accelerate muscle recovery, alleviate muscle pain, reduce heart rate, increase flexibility, and improve circulation.

If you don’t want to spend time to read the full overview then you this short overview helps you in knowing the product at some extinct.

Quick Overview
Best Percussion Massager
Brookstone Max 2
  • Cordless & Rechargeable
  • Fixed massage nodes
  • 3 hours Long battery life
  • 5 Adjustable speed
  • 3 Massage programs
  • Long 9-foot power cord

Besides, it has another great point that is its durability. It has an aluminum body which makes it durable and also lightweight compared. It has two handles, including one shaped into a loop which helps in carrying the massage tool to its exact position where you need it. It helps to promote better sleep.

It comes with three deep tissue massage programs: pulsing massage program for short pulsing blasts, energizing massage program for circulation-boosting massage and soothing massage program for deep, rolling, and relaxing massage.

It has two ergonomic handles that decide how much pressure to apply to tight muscles and lets you glide the massager over the whole body. Its ergonomic handles allow you to hold it for a long time.

There is one thing about this massager that doesn’t provide heated surfaces, so if you are interested in heated massage “HoMedics Percussion Massager” is best for you.

High-speed Motor

A good massage can be easily done by the high-powered motor. It comes with a high-speed motor that provides an impressive intense body-relaxing massaging power.

Its motor releases an impressive 1750 to 2550 RMS. It permits you to massage your entire body. It will give you an effective massage. It comes with a 20-minute auto-off to prevent it from overheating.

Long Battery Life

It is a cordless massager for easy maneuvering. It is powered by a rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery that delivers a powerful massage without fading. It works for up to 3 hours. Its battery depends on the massage features you are using.

Its battery would take about 2 hours when it is empty and want to fully charge it. You can get full body massage on a single charge. You can operate it with or without the cord.

Variable Speed Levels

It comes with 5 different speed levels. You can customize your massage with different speed intensities and can enjoy as the massager works its magic.

The lowest speed of this massage tool produces 1100 pulse per minute whilst the highest speed level produces 2550 percussions per minute. If we compare it to the Purewave which is also a handheld massager then purewave produces 3700 percussions per minute.

Check Purewave Handheld Massager here.

You can set your wanted level and can enjoy the comfort of massage. Its varying speed will give different massage experiences. You should away your clothing, jewelry or your long hair away from massager while in use because it may damage your these things.

Massage Nodes

It comes with 2 fixed massage nodes. These massage nodes are bigger than other massager’s nodes. These nodes have up and down movement which can be felt at the time of massage.

For satisfying percussion massage, these massage nodes’ up and down movement are very helpful. These nodes help you to unlock stress and tension from sore, tight muscles. These nodes have a special focus on the pulsating power. They cannot be changed or removed.


Many people like those massagers which are lightweight. Lightweight massagers give you deep massage and easy to reach those areas which are hard-to-reach.

This great massage device is lightweight. Its weight is 3.8 pounds which allows you to massage your neck and back easily through its double ergonomic handle. It has an unlimited reach which helps you to soothe sore muscles at any angle comfortably.


The massager comes with a one-year limited warranty. Its body has been made from aluminum which reduces the chances of any fracture problem. Their service is always available to their customers if he/she may face any problem  the massager.


Now the question is ” Is Brookstone Massager expensive? ”

Yes, this massager is expensive than other handheld massagers because of there features and their power like it has a good percussion which others don’t have. You can also check other Cheap Handheld Massagers if you want to buy a cheap one.

Different Massage Programs

Brookstone Max 2 comes with one of the best qualities of massage programs. The massager has 3 massage programs. You can select your choice of three distinct massage programs. They are pulsing, energizing, and soothing.

Pulsing massage program is for short blasts of invigorating percussion massage; energizing massage program is for waves of circulation-boosting massage, and soothing massage program is for a deep, rolling and relaxing massage.

How Brookstone Max 2 differs from Wahl Percussion Massager?

Wahl is a deep tissue percussion massager that strengthens deep-tissue muscles. It also helps to reduce pain and fatigue from joints, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle knots and improves flexibility.

The Brookstone Max 2 differs in many qualities from Wahl massager. Brookstone Max 2 is a cordless massager, however, Wahl massager is corded and has a 9-foot power cord.

Brookstone Max 2motor releases up to 2500 percussions per minute whilstWahl massager releases up to 3500 percussions per minute. Brookstone Max 2 comes offers 5 different speed adjustments, but Wahl massager has variable speed adjustments.

Brookstone Max 2comes with two fixed massage nodes whilst Wahl massager comes 4 interchangeable massage heads. Max 2 has massage programs, but Wahl lacks this quality.

To conclude the points, both are good massagers at their places. Brookstone is a bit much better than Wahl in some qualities. It gives relief from pain, improves circulation, eliminates tension and improves flexibility.

Brookstone Max 2Wahl Massager
Speed settings5Variable speed settings
Battery life3 HrsN/A
Attachment heads2 fixed nodes4
Power typecordlesscorded
RPMsUp to 2550Up to 3550
Warranty1 year2 years
Weight 3.8 pounds1.6 pounds
HandleUser FriendlyNormal

Wrap up

Brookstone Max 2 is a cordless and dual-node percussion massager that gives you quick relief from pain. Its pulse deeply penetrates the muscle and give relief to sore muscles. Its ergonomic double handle, including one shaped into a loop, gives massage to far areas like neck and back of your body. It is lightweight and also a quiet massager for home use.

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