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All About Massage Chair, Medical Expense and Tax-Deductible

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A massage chair is a great way to relax and find relief from the stresses of daily life. The constant tension to tighten your muscles can lead to pain in your neck, shoulders, back, and other places on your body. A massage chair will alleviate these pains by releasing muscle knots and relaxing rest or sleep environment. These chairs have been proven to be so effective that many people use them as their primary source of relaxation at home.

They can also be a medical expense if prescribed by a doctor for your condition, or they can be tax-deductible as a business expense. There is no need to worry when looking for insurance to pay for a massage chair. Massage chairs can be tax-deductible, and they are also FSA-eligible.


Is Massage Chair a Medical Expense?

Is Massage Chair a Medical Expense
Is Massage Chair a Medical Expense

Many people have massage chairs in their homes for relaxation or because someone has back pain. There are two main criteria used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when determining whether something can be considered a medical expense: it must not be lavish and necessary. So far, that sounds like most anything related to health care expenses! That’s why many things meet this standard, including glasses and contact lenses and hearing aids. As long as they are medically necessary, no one will see them as tax deductions. However, there is more involved than just meeting these requirements.

Can a Massage Chair be Tax Deductible Expense?

Massage chairs can be medical expenses, which means the benefits of having a massage chair in your home may be deductible. However,  some factors affect how much you can deduct for your massage chair. There are two ways to determine if a medical expense is deductible: the actual expense test and the convenience-of-the-provider test.

Many people think that the only way to receive massages is at an expensive spa. However, there are some easier ways than others of receiving one of these relaxing therapies without breaking out your wallet. One possibility would be purchasing your masseuse through professional services, which provide on-demand mobile massages that come directly to you. Many of us suffer from aches and pains or injuries regularly. Getting insurance to pay for massage chairs can be difficult because the industry has not yet really switched over to accepting these types of
treatments as good ways of pain management. Often, there are stipulations in your policy about what kind of treatment you will cover under them, though!

Is Massage Chair FSA Eligible?

Is Massage Chair FSA Eligible
Is Massage Chair FSA Eligible

You can purchase a massage chair as long as necessary for medical reasons. However, if you are buying a massage chair, it may be deemed an “assistance” item, not for medical reasons. It will only qualify if the person for purchase has a disability. An “assistance” item means that purchasing the item would enable a person with a disability to function as a “person” with a disability. The FSA only covers the cost of
required items, so if it is not deemed a needed item, it won’t be covered.

Can You Write Off A Massage Chair Purchase On Taxes or Is it Tax-Deductible?

When it comes to medical expenses, there are three main types that the IRS allows you to deduct when filing your taxes. These include doctor’s appointments, prescription drugs and medical equipment. And while the tax code doesn’t expressly mention “massage chairs” it does have a lot to say about what constitutes a medical deduction.

Many people wonder if they can claim the cost of their purchase for home use, but unfortunately, this is not possible. Even though many would consider this an easy way to get reimbursed for something they have purchased, claiming medical expenses are only available to qualified people based on income and certain other factors.

  1. Massage chairs are a popular way to relax and feel better.
  2. If you have a massage chair in your home, is it considered a medical expense for tax purposes or not a payment because it’s for personal use.
  3. What if more than one person uses the massage chair – does that change how it is treated on taxes.
  4. In general, any item primarily used for medical reasons can be deducted from your income as a medical expense.
  5. Generally speaking, anything that helps someone with their health should be considered a medical deduction.
  6. The IRS provides guidelines on what qualifies as deductible expenses, so check them out before claiming something as a deduction or not claiming something when it should be claimed.


A massage chair can be a medical expense or tax-deductible. But if it is medically necessary and not lavish, you do not have to pay medical expenses and are tax-deductible. You can claim medical expenses.

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