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Theragun G3 Pro Review: The High End Percussive Massage Gun

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Theragun G3 PRO – percussive therapy device

It is one of the best handheld percussion massagers which gives you massage like a professional massage. It is made for pain relief, fast recovery and muscle activation. You can get all the benefits of percussive therapy anywhere you want.

It has a protective travel case which allows you to carry it with yourself wherever you want. It has two different standard speed levels: 40 percussions per second treatment speed and a lighter29 percussions per second treatment speed that is perfect for sore sensitive areas. 

It has a powerful professional-grade flagship device. It has an ergonomic handle that optimizes treatment from head to toes. Its multi-grip handle is designed for comfortable use from any angle with zero percent stress on your hands and wrists.

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Quick Look


Best Percussive Therapy Device
Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device
  • Design for Muscles Massage
  • 6 Pro Attachments
  • 50% quieter than G2 Pro
  • Best for Athletes
  • Premium Travel Case
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 75 Minutes Battery Life
  • Comes with 2 Batteries.
  • Cordless and Lightweight.
  • Theragun App

It gives relief to an athlete from muscle and joint aching, release knots, split up scar tissue, ease spasms, and improve the overall range of motion of athletes. Athletes can be best benefitted from Theragun G3 PRO.

If you want a handheld massager with the power to tackle almost any task, the Theragun G3 Pro is our top pick. It provides outstanding performance and can rival many massage gun models for relieving performance.

Considering the G3 Pro range is one of our top recommendations for cordless pain relief, this isn’t a bad thing.

With such an impressive range of features, why have not we chosen this as the best handheld massage gun? The simple reason is the price.

Most of the people are looking for cheap massagers which are mostly handheld massagers which are specially designed for back and neck massage. You can Check those Massager here.

In terms of performance and features, however, this is an outstanding model and probably the best on the market. If you don’t mind spending extra, you won’t be disappointed by the Theragun.


It has a unique quality motor which releases 40 percussions per second. Its industrial-grade motor provides a large amount of displacement, or distance traveled back and forth which gives you intense deep tissue massage.

The Theragun motor provides arguably the most powerful and quick relief to any pain, so it is great for chronic pains. It gives you massage like professional physical therapists. Its motor can deliver up to 16 pounds of stalled force.

Battery life

The Theragun is powered by a 12V battery. This device can give relief effectively for its entire 75-minute run-time. It also comes with 2 extra batteries. It comes with swappable rechargeable batteries for continuous use.

Its battery takes 75 minutes to recharge, but you don’t have to worry about its battery because of its two extra batteries. Physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, and athletes like to use it due to its long battery duration. It is a cordless massager.

Attachment nodes

It comes with 6 Pro attachments. Each of its Pro Attachments is specifically designed to target the unique needs of every muscle group. Pro athletes, coaches, trainers, chiropractors, and competitive athletes around the world use this great massage gun.

Its attachments include Dampener Attachment, Large Ball Attachment, Standard Ball Attachment, Wedge attachment, Thumb Attachment, and Cone Attachment. These heads give you different kind of massage experience.

Theragun is a percussion massager and its attachments are specially designed for the muscles. The Handheld massagers attachments are designed especially for neck and back purposes you can also check these both Attachments Comparison Here.

Speed settings

It comes up with 2 scientifically tested speeds. Its 2 speeds have 40 and 29 percussions per second. Varying speed setting allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage.

It has two different standard speed levels: 40 percussions per second treatment speed and a lighter 29 percussions per second treatment speed that is perfect for sore sensitive areas. It is a great speed range for having a good massage.


It has an ultra-comfortable ergonomic design handle. Its ergonomic handle has multiple grips over that treat hard-to-reach areas like your lower back more comfortably than other massagers.

Its multi-grip handle is designed for comfortable use from any angle with zero percent stress on your hands and wrists. It can rotate up to 90 degrees. It has 4 versatile arm positions.

Noise level

It is 50% quieter than its predecessor, the G2Pro. It has been designed by MIT engineers to decrease overall sound without compromising the power of its industrial-grade motor. You will not get bored with its sound at the time of massage.


It offers a 2-year limited warranty. There is a very brief user guide, Theragun sticker, reminder card to download the app, warnings/precautions page, a description of why Theragun was created and invitation to tell your Theragun story as well in the box.

Those instructions would help you to use the device carefully. You can contact its manufacturer after its warranty time in case of facing any problem with extra charges.

Theragun G3 Pro

Are you searching for something amazing to help your muscles recover? Let me introduce you to the Theragun G3PRO. It’s a handheld massager that’s like a superhero for your muscles. I’ve tried it, and trust me, it’s a real game-changer.


1. Unparalleled Deep Tissue Relief: The Theragun G3PRO delivers a percussive massage like no other. It doesn’t just feel good on the skin; it goes deep into your muscles, temporarily relaxing tension, and providing instant relief. This isn’t your average surface-level massage; it’s therapy in the depth.

2. Ergonomic Design: Dr. Jason, the chiropractor behind this innovation, clearly knew what he was doing. The ergonomic design allows you to target various muscle groups with ease. The multiple gripping areas and adjustable arm make it effortless to reach those hard-to-get spots. Trust me; you’ll be grateful after a tough workout.

3. Customizable Attachments: The Theragun G3PRO comes with a versatile set of attachments, each tailored for specific muscle areas. Whether you’re treating your quads, IT band, or even your feet, there’s an attachment for it. You can pinpoint muscle treatment or go for broad strokes; it’s all up to you.

4. Intuitive Usage: No need to be a massage expert to use this device. It’s incredibly intuitive. Simply point it at your problem area, choose from two intensity levels, and let it work its magic. The free downloadable app provides guidance, but honestly, you’ll find it instinctive.

5. Versatile Application: While athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit greatly from the Theragun G3PRO, it’s not limited to them. Everyone has that one troublesome spot that can use some TLC. Whether you’re an Ironman or an office worker, this device caters to your relief needs.


1. Price Tag: Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room—the price. At $599, the Theragun G3PRO isn’t exactly a budget buy. However, when you compare it to frequent massage therapy sessions or other high-end massagers, the investment starts to make sense. Consider it an investment in your well-being.

2. Temporary Relief: It’s important to remember that the Theragun G3PRO provides temporary relief. While it’s highly effective at relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow, it won’t magically cure all your aches and pains. For long-term results, combine it with other self-care practices.

In a world flooded with massage devices, the Theragun G3PRO stands out as a top-tier choice for deep tissue therapy. Its unmatched ability to reach muscle depths and relieve tension sets it apart from the competition. While the price may seem steep, the investment in your well-being and recovery is worth every penny. Say goodbye to surface-level massages and hello to therapeutic depth with the Theragun G3PRO. Check it out further; your muscles will thank you!

Is the Theragun good for massage?

No doubt, all the models of Therabodys Theragun are suitable for massage. You can massage your body with Theragun easily in the comfort of your home within minutes. Massage guns are good to increase blood flow and release knots. Professional athletes also use it for a full body massage for warming up and after a workout. All the forms of Theragun are lightweight, user-friendly, and portable.

Theragun is useful to massage because of its helpful specifications.

  1. Massage type: Theragun is fit for deep tissue massage relaxation.
  2. Customized massage speed: Theragun is useful to massage because of its Customizable massage speed range. It’s ideal for anyone to control massage intensity level according to their need when using a massage gun. A person can control massage speed through a mobile app too. You can set your device according to any massage speed between 1750-2400 (PPMs). Each model of Theragun also has the feature of five built-in massage speeds that are more useful. Select any massage speed from 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 (PPMs) and start your massage gun to enjoy massage.
  3. Batteries life: If you want to massage your body for the long-term, Theragun battery life will allow you to do so. You can use it to massage continuously for 300 minutes too.
  4. Rechargeable batteries: Theragun batteries are rechargeable. It’s another economic advantage you can repeatedly use the same battery for massage without purchasing a new one.
  5. Quiet motor: Therabody uses a brushless motor with quiet force technology in their Theragun series. It is irritating if a massage gun made heavy noise during a calm massage session. Theragun works quietly for each setting, and even Theragun elite is considered the quietest device.
  6. Massage attachments: Multiple easy-to-clean massage attachments like a cone, standard ball, dampener, wedge, and thumb of Theragun made it a versatile massage tool. It’s impressive for anyone to massage different body parts with various comfortable massage attachments according to their design.
  7. User-friendly design: Theragun ergonomics design made it more convenient for full-body reach without stretching the arm. Theragun adjustable rotating arm allows you endless ways to grip the device without pressure, like to massage the inner thigh and the lower back.

The models of Therabodys Theragun are.

  • Theragun G3 Pro
  • Theragun mini
  • Theragun elite
  • Theragun pro

Theragun massage vs opove m3 pro

A massage gun is the best choice for those who are having an active lifestyle.

  • Massage presentation: When we think about deep tissue percussion tools Theragun and Opove m3 pro are prevalent deep tissue massage guns. This article will compare both brands Theragun Pro vs Opove m3 Pro, and see which one offers the best massage presentation.
  • Regarding massage performance, we can say that Theragun is a more powerful massage device than Opove m3 pro.
  • If we are looking at their massage time, Opove m3 pro can massage your body for 3 hours continuously with a single battery, while on the other hand, you can only enjoy your massage with Theragun for 2.5 hours.
  • Both massage guns have different massage speed settings. Opove m3 pro has three massage speed 1800, 2400, and 3200 RPM variables that are good to massage, while the Theragun Pro will perform massage in 5 different settings from 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400RPM that are more useful for wider range massages. Massage guns with adjustable massage speed settings are best to modify intensity and force suitable for different massage purposes. You can set a slower speed for muscles calming, although the faster speed perfect for warm-up body or treat painful muscles.
  • Theragun pro offers 16 mm strokes per minute with (60 lbs.) stall force compared to Opove, which has 12 mm strokes with 30 lbs. Both guns have brushless motors with quiet glide technology. You will never feel a loud noise and low vibrations during a high-intensity or a slow relaxing massage. They are pretty much quiet even you can use them at night while your children are sleeping.
  • Theragun pro is more convenient to massage different body areas with its triangle adjustable handle than the Opove m3 pro, which has one handle.
  • Theragun comes with six massage attachments for calm feelings, like supersoft, thumb, standard ball, cone, dampener, and wedge, while Opove m3 pro lunch four massage heads like a ball, bullet, flat, and fork.

Verdict: Theragun can percuss very deep, but Opove m3 pro cannot. If money is not a big deal and you want a more powerful deep tissue massage gun, then Theragun Pro is the best choice, but if your budget is low Opove m3 Pro is a worthy percussion device.

What kind of battery does this need? 3 volt CR-123A?

The Theragun Elite has the battery built into the device so you only need to plug in the power adapter/charger to recharge.

Does it work with the power cord attached? If not why?

For security reasons, percussive devices do not turn on while being charged.

Will this work on 220v power?

If you are travelling outside of the USA, you will need a power adapter because 220v will not work with the USA models. There are specific batteries and devices that are for other regions of the world with appropriate power adapters. A world travel adapter can also be used.

Does the white color Theragun elite come with the attachments

Yes, both white and black Elites come with 5 attachments!

Does Theragun G3 Pro really work well?

Yes, this deep tissue massage device helps effectively to relieve your muscle tension, soreness, and pain. It quickly activates your muscles. Its ergonomic handle with multiple grips treats hard-to-reach areas like your lower back with extra comfort.

Generally, the Theragun G3 Pro is a perfect massage gun and works well. Different Percussive massage guns help increase blood flow and decrease muscle stress through deep tissue muscle massage within seconds. That massage gun aimed to massage all areas of the body effortlessly.

Similarly, the Theragun G3 Pro, a great combination of performance, features, and price, is another updated extension in the massage gun series. The triangle design provides three different spots to hold that make it easier to reach all your muscles to maximize relief.

Theragun G3 Pro is a handheld foam roller, but it is a significantly smaller battery-powered and more practical device. Theragun G3 Pro comes with a powerful 60-pound force and four different massage heads proficient for working in other muscle groups.

Theragun G3 Pro is a high-quality massage gun that can be used for 60 minutes longer on a single charge and has multiple massage speeds that worked great on different muscles. This massage gun is best known as a warming up and recovery tool. It helps treat pains, knots, stiffness, sore muscles, and aches.

I use Theragun G3 Pro to release stress and sometimes after an intensive workout session. During my usage experience of the Theragun G3 Pro immensely impressed me. I must say that it works well I found it a beneficial tool to massage the body. I like the positive changes in my body and also improved flexibility in certain joints. If I feel a sleep problem at night, I use the Theragun on my shoulders, legs, and feet to relieve discomfort. Theragun G3 Pro ability to ‘thumping’ massage, which other massage guns do not have. I love this type of massage gun because they work so well for me. By using Theragun mostly, people observed dramatically decrease in chronic pains in various muscles of the body.

Overall we can say that Theragun G3 Pro will work very well for anyone, and it’s worth buying and a superior massage gun. This massage gun is a little bit expensive, but you must choose the best option then must go for it.

Is a Theragun Massager Worth it?

  1. Deep Tissue Percussive Therapy: Theragun devices are designed to deliver powerful deep tissue massages, which can help in muscle recovery, pain relief, and increasing blood flow.
  2. High-Quality Construction: Theragun massagers are known for their durability and robust build, ensuring that they last long even with regular use.
  3. Customizable Experience: With multiple attachments and adjustable intensity levels, you can tailor your massage experience based on your needs.
  4. Ergonomic Design: The adjustable arm and ergonomic handle make it easy to reach difficult areas without straining your hand or arm.
  5. Battery Life: Most Theragun models come with a decent battery life, allowing for multiple massage sessions before needing a recharge.
  6. Positive Reviews: Many users, including athletes and professionals, have praised the effectiveness of Theragun devices in aiding muscle recovery and relieving pain.

Considerations Before Investing in a Theragun:

  1. Price: Theragun massagers are on the pricier side. While many find value in the quality and effectiveness, it’s essential to consider whether it fits within your budget.
  2. Noise: Some users find the device to be louder than expected, which might be disruptive in quiet environments.
  3. Temporary Relief: While effective, it’s important to remember that the relief provided by percussive therapy is often temporary. It’s best used in conjunction with other recovery methods and treatments for chronic issues.
  4. Learning Curve: While designed to be user-friendly, some individuals might need time to get used to the various attachments and intensity levels.

Theragun G3 Pro VS Theragun G2 Pro

Theragun G3 Pro and Theragun G2 Pro both are the most popular and well-known massage guns on the market. Many changes have been brought into the Theragun G3 Pro which differs from the G2 Pro.

The first change which has brought in G3 Pro is reducing its noise. G3 is 50% quieter than G2. G2 decibels range is 105 decibels while the G3 range is 70 decibels. The battery life of G2 is around 40-45 minutes. However, G3 life is 75 minutes.

Speed, battery, percussions per minute, attachments and pressure, hence almost all the features have been modified in the G3 Pro.

If you don’t want to buy the great g3 pro then you can check these cheap massage guns.

Theragun G2 Pro Theragun G3 Pro
Weight 2.7 pounds2.9 pounds
Battery life40-45 minutes75 minutes
Battery1 Lithium-ion battery2 Lithium-ion battery
Dimensions8.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches10 x 2.5 x 8 inches
Pressure 80 lbs60 lbs
Noise Levels (decibels)105 decibels70 decibels
Speed Levels12
Final Conclusion
If you are an athlete and in search of pain relief product/massager, this Percussion massager gives you a relaxing massage. This is best for you. This deep tissue massage device effectively relieves muscle tension, soreness, and pain. It activates your muscles fast and give you a comfortable massage.
Feature Theragun G3 Pro Theragun G2 Pro
Noise Level 70 decibels (50% quieter than G2 Pro) 105 decibels
Battery Life 75 minutes 40-45 minutes
Percussions per Minute (Speed) Two settings: 40 percussions & 29 percussions Not specified in data
Design and Usability Ergonomic handle with multiple grips Standard handle design
Attachments 6 Pro attachments Not specified in data
Massage Type Deep tissue massage relaxation Likely similar deep tissue massage
Customizable Speed Yes, 2 scientifically tested speeds Not specified in data
Price Point (based on value offered) Higher, given advanced features & improvements Likely less, as it’s an older model
Overall Performance Enhanced performance with reduced noise and increased battery Standard performance for its time


How does the noise level of the G3 Pro compare to its predecessor, the G2 Pro?

The Theragun G3 Pro is 50% quieter than the G2 Pro.

What’s the battery life of the Theragun G3 Pro?

The Theragun G3 Pro boasts a 75-minute battery life and comes with two swappable rechargeable batteries.

Is the Theragun G3 Pro cordless?

Yes, the Theragun G3 Pro is a cordless massager, making it convenient for use anywhere.

Does the Theragun G3 Pro come with a protective travel case?

Yes, the device includes a premium travel case allowing users to carry it conveniently during their travels.


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