Best Percussion Massage Guns for Athletes (Deep Reviews)

Top 10 Best Percussion Massage Guns for Athletes (Deep Reviews)

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Percussion massagers are very effective for softening stiff muscles. They are made to give relief to muscle pain and soreness, reduce your risk for exercise injuries and speed up your muscle recovery.

“Percussion massage gun sends pulses pressure which deeply penetrates muscle tissue and gives relief to muscles”. 

The main difference between handheld Massagers and Massage guns is that it is specially designed for athletes, players, and boxers, etc while Handheld massager is used as a home massager and can be used by everybody.

Athletes can use massage guns before and after the workout to release stress and soreness. The massager helps the athletes’ s muscles in warming the body, improve the stiffness, and recovered the affected area.

Massage gun provides vibration and percussive therapy. The pressure is applied to the muscle tissue by the massage gun that treats the area. With the help of this massage gun, you can release the pain and improve blood circulation. The massage gun gets deeper into the muscle than the normal massage which is done by hands. The therapist uses the massage gun into the tight muscle to break them up. The athletes use the massage gun to get the same treatment. The rollers in the massage guns work very well in the affected area and treat the muscle effectively. According to a therapist named Vinh Pham:

“Massage guns can be used as an alternative to the foam roller as a self-myofascial release tool

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List of Best Percussion Massagers of 2020

Best OverallM3 Pro Massage Handheld Gun OPOVE M3 PRO
Rechargeable battery
Adjustable intensity
Protective suitcase
Premium Choice Hyperice HyperVolt Massager Hyperice Hypervolt
Lightweight & Cordless
Very quiet
Amazon Choice Vybe Pro Handheld Masssage Gun VYBE Pro Massager
Good battery life
Different speed setting
Fastest massager
Best Design Pulse FX Massage Gun Pulse Fx Massager
Powerful Rotating
LED Speed indicator
Lifetime Warranty
Darkion Massage Gun Darkiron Massage Gun
Durable & Comfortable
LED touch screen
Very powerful & quite
Renpho Massage Gun Renpho Massage Gun
Portable & Lightweight
Made of ABS plastic
20-speed levels
Kraft Massage Gun Kraft Massage Gun
Compact design
250W brushless motor
Use Samsung’s battery

VYBE Pro Massage Gun – Best Massager for Deep Tissue Muscle

Best Massager for Deep Tissue Muscle
VYBE Pro Massage Gun

Vybe Pro Massage Gun gives relief to your pain in muscles. It allows you to feel that it brings life back to your muscles and you can resume your daily activities without constant pain.

It breaks up the knots in muscles and recovers your muscles after a workout. It is also effective at increasing your range of motion and relaxing and engaging the muscle.

Its pulsating action gets deep into the muscle and is a great source of removing aches and pains from your muscles.

Motor – It has a 24V brushless DC motor and its double bearing transmission brings a high power self-recovery experience. It is a powerful percussion vibration massage gun which gives you 1800-3400 strokes per minute. It allows you to massage your whole body. Its varying speed levels allow you to enjoy different massage experience at your favorite intensity level.

Speed – Speed setting is one of the most important points that you should notice at the time of buying a massager for yourself. Varying speed setting allows you to enjoy a comfy massage. This massage comes with 9 different speed levels. You can have the full enjoyment of its different intensity levels. You can set its speed at your favorite intensity level.

Noise level – Many people like those massagers which do not create noise. There are different reasons to opt for a quiet massager. Most of the massagers come with a noisy motor. Many people have different concepts regarding the motor noise of a massager. If you are in search of a quiet massage tool then this massage tool fulfills your this desire. It is very quiet and you will feel its vibration like a real percussion.

Attachment heads – It comes with different attachment heads which give you different types of deep tissue massage. These heads offer you to select that type of massage that gives you more comfort. These attachments include a bullet head, wedge head, flat head, fork, and large ball. This handheld massager comes with all of the tools you need to get the best and most powerful message.

Battery life – An effective massage needs a long-life battery that can power the motor. Long-lasting batteries are very helpful when you have a full-body massage. This best electric massager is cordless. It comes with 3 hours of battery life, so there is always enough charge to get a complete massage.

Warranty – When we talk about product warranty, Vybe Pro gives you a 2-year product warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. This much time is enough for a product like this massager. If you are not satisfied with the purchased massage tool, you can replace it and can receive your money back.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Good battery life
Different speed setting
Cordless, Comfortable & Quiet
Light & Comfortable percussion
Fastest massager[/i2pros][i2cons]Little Bit Expensive[/i2cons][/i2pc]

RENPHO C3 Massage Gun – Best Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Best Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
RENPHO C3 Massage Gun

Being an athlete you find the easiest way to relieve stress. RENPHO Massage Gun gives you full body massage and gives relief to your pains in muscles. It gives you a deep tissue massage.

It gives you a comfortable massage from head to toes. It has an ergonomic handle that easily covers hard-to-reach areas. It comes with a curved head which gives an effective massage to legs and arms. It is made of ABS plastic and is durable for personal use.

Motor – Through power, a person can get a relaxing massage. A good massage can be easily done by a powerful massager. Using the right attachment and accurate speed, you can quickly get relief from pain. On its highest setting, it can deliver up to 3200 pulses per minute. This much high intensity delivers efficient massage. You can lower down its intensity.

Attachment heads – It comes with four different attachment heads to fit all your needs. These heads give a different experience of massage. Every attaching head is made to perform a different function. Its attachment includes ball head, bullet head, hammerhead, and u-shaped head. These heads remove pains and give relaxation to your small muscles like legs and wrists.

Noise level – Noisy tool bothers a person a lot. This massage gun is used for those people who do not like noise and give preference to silence. It is very quiet and will not disturb you at the time of the massage. Its maximum noise level is less than 63.5 decibels when you put its speed level on 20.

Speed – Changing speed gives you different massage experiences. Sometimes a person becomes bored with using one speed, so he/she wants to have different speed settings. This massage comes with 20 different speed settings which are the highest number of the speed setting. You can experience different massage with its varying speed. Accurate attachment head and accurate speed level give an extreme level of comfort to you.

Battery life – Battery matters a lot in that case when the massager is cordless. It has a built-in rechargeable 2500Mah battery. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge, but once it is charged, it lasts up to 8 hours. One thing you should remember that do not use it when it is on a charging mood because the battery may explode.

Warranty – This device gives you a one-year limited warranty. If you use it with care, this 1-year warranty is enough time. It also gives you 30 days money-back guarantee when you do not like the device after purchase. After the warranty period, if you face any problem, you can contact the manufacturer without any hesitation. They will help you in solving the problem.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Cordless & long battery Life
Portable & Lightweight
20-speed levels
Made of ABS plastic
Protective travel case[/i2pros][i2cons]Shut-off after every 15 minutes[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Pulse Fx – Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun

Pulse Fx Massage Gun Review
Pulse Fx Massage Gun

Pulse Fx Massage Gun is a powerful vibration creating massager which gives you deep relief. It breaks up knots, and relaxes tight muscles, digging deep, and relaxing and rotating to provide relief to hard-to-reach muscle groups.

The head can articulate into three different areas, so depending on what type of area you are working on. This massager awakens muscles throughout your body. It triggers rapid myofascial release and enhances your body’s ability to regenerate cells and repair itself.

This is specially designed for an athlete who needs to dig into certain areas.

Motor – It comes with a 250W motor that delivers high-penetration vibrations. It is designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body’s joints and muscles. It promotes mobility and flexibility via trigger-point massage therapy. It gives 3000 pulses per minute. If this is too much for you, try padding with a towel to absorb some vibration. The percussion motor is suitable for powerful massages like back pain and leg pain etc.

Attachment heads – This massager comes with 4 different attachment heads. These heads include a fork, ball head, flatter head, and bullet head.Forkhead is useful to get in between the spine. Its bullet head is used for soft muscles like legs and wrists; the ball head is used for hard areas like neck and arm, and the last flatter head is used for back and chest areas.

Noise level – Almost all massage guns produce sounds. Some of them are much noisier and some are enough quiet. However, people prefer those massagers which create less noise. This This massager is very quiet. It produces sounds like a normal conversation. As you do not bother with a conversation, its sound is the same. You won’t bother with it. It creates 70 decibels at its highest speed.

Speed – This is a very powerful and deep tissue massager. It comes with 3 different speed settings. At speed 1 the rpm is 1800, at speed 2 the rpm is 2400, and at speed 3 the rpm is 3000.There is an LED indicator right above the speed switch which shows that on which speed it is going on.

Battery life – It has a lithium-ion battery. It takes round about three hours to charge. Once you charge it, you might not need to charge it again at the time of use. Its battery lasts up to 7 hours.It has three battery indicators. Zero to 30%, 31 to 60% and lastly 61 to a hundred percent letting you know just how much battery you have remaining. Its battery life depends on speed settings.

Warranty – This massage gun comes with a lifetime warranty. It also ensures you about the money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the device.Before using the device, you should read the instruction. Reading instructions will never lead to return or repair the tool to the company.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Lightweight & Comfortable
Long-lasting battery
LED Speed & Battery indicator
Lifetime warranty[/i2pros][i2cons]Fix battery
Little Expensive[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Darkiron Massage Gun

Darkiron Massage Gun review
Darkiron Massage Gun

The Darkiron Massage Gun sends pulses of pressure that penetrate deep into muscle tissue. It gives relief to muscle aches, pain, and soreness, speed up muscle recovery and reduce your risk for exercise injuries.

Its ergonomic silicone handle is better for gripping and provides targeted treatment for every muscle group. It reduces overall stress and anxiety. It comes with a caring case via you can take it anywhere.

Motor – This massage gun comes with a 24V brushless motor. This massage gun motor structure is more precision and equipped with a high-torque brushless motor to make working quieter. It releases 3300 percussions per minute.Its motor delivers accurate and effective massage. Its ergonomic structure makes the motor pass on the perfect result at all speed levels.

Attachment heads – This massage comes along with 6 different adaptors. These applicators give you full body massage by enjoying a different experience.It includes ball shape for bulk muscle groups, like waist, buttocks, back, calves; point shape for deep tissue massage; flat shape for muscle relaxation and folk shape for massaging the Achilles, neck, and spine.

Noise level – This handheld massager has quite glide noise reduction technology that brings high power. You can use it at home, in the office, and at the gym, because it does not make noise and is a very quiet tool.You will not be bothered by its sound because it generates round about 30-55 decibels at its highest speed. It means that it is a very quiet massage device.

Speed settings – This powerful handheld massager comes with 30 different speed settings. That means you can have thirty different levels of massage experience with great comfort.Its different speed levels reduce bone damage and give you complete relaxation and comfort. On its LED screen, you can adjust its speed intensity.

Battery life – It comes with a Lithium-ion battery. Before going to start the massager after purchasing, you should charge it for 3 hours. Once it is fully charged, it works for 5 hours depends on the speed level.It is equipped with a 2400mAh high-quality lithium battery. Its battery is replaceable. It automatically shuts-off after every 10 minutes to prevent it from overheating.

Warranty – This handheld massager comes with a one-year limited warranty. It comes with an instructions book. When you read those instructions and follow them, you will not face any problem with the device and there would not be any need to repair or replace it.After the warranty period, in case of facing a problem, the manufacturers can help you by contacting them.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Lightweight & Cordless
30-speed settings
Durable & Comfortable
LED touch screen
Very powerful & quite[/i2pros][i2cons]Auto shut-off after 10 minutes
Not for Beginners[/i2cons][/i2pc]

OPOVE M3 – Pro Deep Tissue Massage gun

Best Massage Gun
Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun

Opove M3 Pro is one of the top-rated deep tissue massager guns. It is designed to give relief to your muscle soreness and stiffness.

It also helps in the promotion of circulation, helps accelerate warm-up, recovery and improves range of motion with its high speed. It is easy-to-use for self-myofascial release.

Its shell is made of Nylon 66 and glass fiber with Breakthrough Technology. It keeps well when dropping from 2 meters high place.

If we compare it with TheraGun G3 Pro which is also a good Percussion massager then both have the same features but a little bit different.

Read More about TheraGun G3 Pro Percussion Massager.

Motor – It is one of the quietest massage devices using Unique Quiet Glide technology with a high-torque motor. It releases 3200 percussions per minute.It gives a fast recovery of muscles after an injury or heavy work. Its motor is designed for quiet operation.

Attachment heads – It comes with 4 interchangeable heads. These different interchangeable massage heads give you different massage experiences.These attachment heads include flatter head, fork, ball head, and bullet head. All of these heads are made to perform different duties.

Noise level – This massage gun is very quiet. Its working noise is only 35 dB – 55dB on its highest speed which allows you to enjoy your massage time smoothly and comfortably.It is also one of the quietest massage devices using Unique Quiet Glide technology with a high-torque motor. You can use it anywhere because it does not create much noise.

Speed settings – It truly feels like your muscles are being medically treated by a professional massage while using this massage gun. It comes with 3 different speed settings. Its variable speed settings allow you to change up the pressure and speed as you need.It has slow, medium and high-speed levels. On level one, it releases 1800 RPM; on level two, it releases 2400 RPM, and on level three, it releases 3200 RPM.

Battery life – OPOVE Massage Gun comes with a very good battery which can work up to 3 hours at one time once you fully charge it. It has a Lithium-ion battery and is lightweight. It is easy-to-use for self-myofascial release.It automatically shuts-off after every ten minutes because it prevents you from injury. It works at 110V-240V, so it is fully compatible with 220V receptacles. Its battery life depends on the speed level.

Warranty – This device comes with a one year warranty. It comes with an instruction book that prevents your device from wrong use. Using the massage tool carefully leads the device to spend a couple of years without any fault.

It is made from nylon which is anti-fall and keeps the tool well when dropping from 2 meters high place.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Lightweight,Comfortable & Powerful
Best For Relieves muscles soreness
Rechargeable battery
Adjustable intensity
Protective suitcase
Variable speed & very quite[/i2pros][i2cons]Little Difficult For First-Time User

Hyperice-Hypervolt Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

Best Percussion Massage Gun
Hyperice-Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun

Hyperice-Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun is a new style of vibration producing massager. This style of vibrating massage can give you relief from common muscle pain and stiffness, improves blood circulation and range of motion. ­­­­

It helps to relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility. It is used mostly by athletes. They amp up their warm-ups and recovery.

If you have nagging muscle tension and pain, you need this massager. It has been a game-changer for one’s recovery and it is super easy to use to boot.

It comes with all those features that OG Hypervolt has, but it is has been loaded with 30% more power.

Motor – It has a powerful brushless 90-watt motor. This massage gun motor structure is more precision and equipped with a high-torque brushless motor to make working quieter. It delivers up to 3200 PPM for the ideal vibration massage.Its high-torque motor comes with Quiet Glide technology. Its motor delivers accurate and effective massage. Its ergonomic structure makes the motor pass on the perfect result at all speed levels.

Noise level – It is a whisper-quiet percussion device due to its Quiet Glide technology. It runs very quietly. On its highest setting, your sound meter can register it only 60 decibels from 12 inches away.Even at the time when you are going to massage your neck, you will be able to hear the television’s audio without turning up the volume. The benefits of gaining this massager are that it is much quieter than its competitors such as the TheraGun.

Speed settings – It comes with 3 variable speed settings: 30Hz/2000 percussions per minute, 40Hz/2600 percussions per minute, and 53Hz/3200 percussions per minute.Its lower setting is good for your upper extremities like your neck; medium setting is great for a slightly denser area like your legs or calves, and high-speed level is good for denser areas like hips, glutes, and quads.Its speed settings make it ideal for those who experience varying levels of muscle soreness or pain.

Attachment heads – It has four different attachments and its ergonomic design allows more effective massage therapy. Its attachment heads include ball attachment, flathead, bullet head, forkhead, and cushion head.Ball attachment helps to ease your body into the massage. Flathead is good for denser parts of the body. Bullethead works well on smaller areas like your feet.Forkhead massage is great for your ankle, your traps, and your foot, really anywhere that’s tight. Cushion helps to ease into the muscles gently.

Battery life – It comes with 24 volts lithium-ion battery that lasts for more than 2 hours per charge. It has an interchangeable battery. When it is fully charged, you can use it for more than 2 hours.It also offers an extra battery with additional charges. So you can change its battery without any tension and keep going your massage.

Warranty – This massage tool comes with a one year warranty. This much time is enough when you are using the tool carefully.In case you get the problem after its warranty period, you can get the help of its manufacturer.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Lightweight & Cordless
Very quiet
Powerful torque motor
High vibration[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Here is the Detailed Review of Hyperice hypervolt Massager

Kraft Genuine Massage Gun

kraft Massage Gun

Kraft Massage Gun speeds up your muscle growth and recovery. This powerful massage gun reaches the deepest layers of your contracted muscle to break the knots.

When your muscle is contracted after a good workout, this massager helps to recover your muscles and gives relaxation to you. It provides a smooth and comfortable massage.

To reach the deepest layers of your muscles, you need a unique device like this. When you use it before and after workouts for 5-12 minutes, and after 4-5 days you will feel the great difference in your body.

Motor – This Massage Gun comes with a 24V brushless motor. It has a 250W motor. It generates 2400 revolutions per minute at its highest speed level. On the lowest speed level, it releases up to 1800 revolutions.Its powerful brushless quiet engine helps it to reach the deepest layers of your muscles and break the knots and give relief to your muscle pain.

Noise level – It is very quiet. You can use it near with people because of its low sound. It is a quiet massage gun that lets you enjoy the post or pre-workout treatment.You do not need to hide it due to its sound to release your muscles. Your sound meter can register it only 65 decibels from 100 inches away on its highest speed setting.

Speed settings – It has a 24V brushless motor that operates at 3 different speeds of 30 Hz, 35 Hz, and 40 Hz. Its speed settings range from 1,800 percussions per minute up to 2,400 percussions per minute.It is a very powerful message for athletes. They can enjoy its different speed settings with different massage experiences.

Attachment heads – It comes with 4 attachment heads. Its attachment heads include round head, forkhead, bullet head, and flathead. All of these heads perform different functions greatly.

Its round head helps to ease your body into the massage; the flathead is good for denser parts of the body, and bullet head works well on smaller areas like your feet and legs, and forkhead massage is great for your ankle, your traps, and your foot.The massager comes with a zippered case for attachment heads which keeps your attachments safe and together.

Battery life – Its battery lasts between 6-7 hours. Its battery depends on the speed setting and pressure being applied. This massager has an average battery life of between 3-4 hours of regular use.It is powered by Samsung’s battery. Before its first use, we recommend you charge it fully. Once it is fully charged, you will be able to use it for more than 3 hours on a single charge.

Warranty – It offers 2 years limited warranty on the entire catalog. It gives the warranty of imperfections or flaws that are produced by a manufacturing error. Its warranty does not cover the installation failures and tear etc which are caused by the owner.It means you should use the device with great care. The product purchased from GetKraft directly ensures your 30 days money-back guarantee.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”What We Like” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Compact design & Quiet
Comfortable & Portable
Powered by Samsung’s battery
Long battery life
Light Weight with Carrying case
Adjustable speed settings[/i2pros][i2cons]Expensive
Not Available On Amazon[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Fasica Massage Gun For Theraphy

This massage gun has 20 levels of speed and 4 heads that can easily meet the athlete’s needs. This technology that has the brushless machine motor delivering 3200PRM offers you a quite smooth experience. It goes deep into the muscles and heals them. You can fully charge it in 3 hours and use it for almost 7 hours. This muscle massager is built to use behind the neck and for the back only. You can use this massager with your one hand also.

A Portable Massager for Athletes

This percussive massager helps to release the tight tissues of the muscles and treats the stiffness of the back. This device is perfect for self-use and the best way to treat your sore muscles. This massager has a high-quality 2500mAh battery of lithium and can work for up to 6 hours with a fast-charging system of 1.5 hours. You can use this massager at home, office, or gym. This device can bring you a quite smooth experience with the technology of noise reduction. This muscle massager is best for athletes and for people who get injured.

Deep Percussive Muscle Massage Gun

This muscle massage gun is good for personal use. This device is perfect for the athletes’ sore muscles, back pain, and cramps. This massager has a battery life of up to 4 hours with a fully charged battery. This massager is light in weight only 2.3lbs and, designed ergonomically that is very handy and easy to use. The massage gun can make your recovery faster with its ability to heal. With the use of this massage gun, you can feel the flexibility in your muscles.

Buying Guide/FAQ’s

What are the names of the Percussion Movements in massage?

Massage is a way to relax the body by using different techniques. People like to massage their bodies because they are aware of their benefits. Percussion movements are also called Tapotement movements with five basic different Swedish body massage movements. Percussion massage is an advanced treatment for soft tissue tenderness and pains.

Percussions massage movements are five different hand positions that therapists use to massage diverse body parts. In which hand actions rhythmically applied to an area where a person wants to massage to stimulate blood circulation, nerves, tissues, and muscles. Cupping speed may vary from person to person and targeted area to area.

Percussion movements are the movements or massage that is applied with the hands or instruments on the body in a sequence for physical examination. Percussion movements can not be done on all parts of the body but only on the particular areas for releasing tension and pain. These movements are massaged on the fleshy body areas .e.g. on the shoulder, back of the neck, legs, and buttocks. These movements are mainly performed in a sequence with the duration over the specified parts of the body. Percussion movements should be gentle and continued only for a limited time in one particular area so that the massage can give comfort to the client. There are some massage movements in the percussion as:

Basic Percussion Movements

Five basics percussion movements that used in body massage are :

  1. Hacking
  2. Beating and pounding
  3. Cupping
  4. Flicking
  5. Plucking

1. Hacking: Hacking is probably the best-known massage stroke. It is also mostly shown in films. In this massage, the movement therapist uses the edges of both hands. Place the hands on the body in a prayer-like posture and flick your hand’s edges up and down repeatedly. Hacking is used only to treat heavy muscle areas and to stimulate the sensory nerves. Individual requirements mostly determine the rate of the hacking action. The typical speed that always prefers is around 4-5 strikes per second. Some therapists use it as a tool to wake a person up at the end of a massage.

In other words, Hacking is the movement in which the therapist uses both hands to stroke the body of the client. The therapist positioned his hands close to each other and uses them in a rhythmic pattern by hacking the muscle with one hand and shortly after with the other hand in one area. Hacking is a percussion technique which is also known as tapotement movement. This technique can only be performed in the fleshy body part.

Pros Cons
Increase muscle elasticity Not suitable in pregnancy
Stimulate the   tone of muscle Should not be done on the paralyzed muscle

2. Beating and pounding: Beating and pounding are other specific but more solemn percussion massage techniques specially used to stimulate and increase muscle tone before work out. Close your hands’ position on the body at some distance and start hitting the targeted area slightly from the little finger side. At the same time, in pounding movement, use your close hands for hitting by palm side. Beating and pounding help to increase tissue elasticity. Typically beating and pounding use on large muscle areas like thighs, calf, back, and buttocks.

In other words, During this technique, the therapist holds his hands into fists with the thumb against the index fingers. This technique is similar to cupping and, the only difference is that the pounding movements are in the clenched form. The hands are positioned only a short distance apart so that both hands work on the same area. Pounding is normally, performed on the thigh and buttocks. It is done only on the fleshy areas of the body.

Pros Cons
The pounding massage technique can improve circulation in
the body.
It can cause lingering pain.
This technique increases the muscles’ temperature. Pounding movements can also cause muscle aches.

3. Cupping: Sometimes cupping is also known as clapping. In this movement, both hands’ palm is shaped in the form of a cup and moves alternately upward and downward from the wrist. Keep your upper arm stable during movement. This action will produce a refreshing feeling in the body. A person can use cupping action until the targeted skin area change in pinkish coloration.

Cupping is the movement in which the hand is bent in the shape of a cup and, the thumb connects with the index finger. The hands are softly held in this position and, with the loose action of the wrist gently strikes the client’s body. The hollow shape produced with the hands and the palm does not touch the client’s body. In this process, the speed may vary according to the client’s area of the body. It is not easy to master this technique skill.

Pros Cons
With the cupping technique, you can get relief from your pain. It can cause skin infection.
This technique eliminates energy blockages and improves overall health. You may have bruises on your skin.

4. Flicking/Tapping: Flicking is described as ‘finger hacking’ because flicking movement is similar to hacking. But we can say flicking movement is much softer and lighter than hacking. Flex your wrist slightly to perform a flicking action using only your fingers’ sides to massage the body.

During this technique, the therapist holds his hands against the area and uses his fingers to tap the body. Tapping is mostly used, to relieving the client’s pain. In this technique, you gently stroke the area by producing a little sound while making contact. This movement is usually performed slowly as compared to hacking, cupping, and pounding.

Pros Cons
Tapping can stabilize the injury. Not suitable for pregnant ladies.
Through this movement, you can relieve the pain. Excessive massage can cause burns.

5. Plucking/Compression: In plucking movement therapist picked up tissue between the thumb and fingers. This massage movement is performed by both hands alternately to do massage quickly. Commonly people use this technique on the fleshy parts of the body. It is a light relaxing technique but slightly painful. This movement’s rate may vary according to the purpose of treatment and where on the body it is applied.

Plucking is also called Compression Movement. During this technique, the therapist placed his hands on the client’s body and performed the movement by putting pressure. The therapist put the pressure on the client’s muscles and then repeated this technique into the different areas of the body.

Pros Cons
The compression can increase the healing process of damaged tissues. Should not be performed on the bony area.
The compression can tighten the muscles. It can cause pain if a lot of pressure is applied.

Do percussion massage guns work for athletes?

Yes, definitely percussion massage guns work for athletes. These tools allow them to enjoy all health benefits in the comfort of their training spot. Percussion massage guns come with various massage speeds and multiple massage nodes that help athletes use them according to target area needs. Percussion massage guns are known as handheld devices for percussive or vibration therapy. These massage guns use a pulse or pressure to deeply massage tissues and muscles.

A regular workout keeps your body in shape and your mood fresh. But you will face muscle strain, especially if you are an athlete, and your workout or training is challenging. In recent years, rest and recovery are becoming essential elements in critical training plans for athletes and fitness buffs. One tool that may help athletes to release old stress and deep muscle recovery is a percussion massage gun in their busy schedule. A good massager is only the way to get rid of pain and live comfortably.

A Percussion massage gun is a DIY massage tool for athletes to take their muscles to relax after their extensive drill sessions. Nowadays, these massage guns are prevalent among athletes because they can get immediate improvement.

Benefits of percussion massage guns for athletes

It is right to say that percussion massage guns are beneficial and practical for everyone, particularly for athletes. They find them suitable and useful. Here are some benefits of percussion massage guns for athletes.

  • A fundamental benefit of the massage gun for athletes is that it is a user-friendly gadget.
  • Athletes can use these massage guns as a warm tool before starting their training session.
  • They will increase blood circulation, so muscles are ready for work.
  • They can help you in releasing stress before a significant sports event.
  • After extensive training, it is common to face cramps, but this gun helps you get back in form.
  • These massage guns can reduce fatigue signs after a long workout.
  • Percussion massage guns are basically for deep tissue massage. So athletes can use it after facing any muscle injury.
  • As a professional athlete, if you face muscle or joint stiffness, these massage guns increase your mobility.
  • Noise is also an annoying factor during a calm massage for athletes. So the significant advantage is that these massage guns are super quiet.
  • Bluetooth-app integration makes them more convenient for athletes.

What to Look For in a Percussion Massage Gun

Massage guns are somewhat a new trend in the massage world rather than other massage techniques. I think you are also thinking of purchasing a massage gun for yourself. You probably see the YouTube videos about different massage guns. Maybe you even read articles about massage guns? But with flooded information, it is difficult to decide which massage gun is the best choice.

Below are the factors that you should focus on when you are going for a final decision? I separated these factors into two groups for making a clear judgment. After reading this material, makes your priorities.

  • Primary/Functional features
  • Secondary features
  • Extras

Functional features

  • Speed – (How many times the massage head strikes the body it is measured in revolutions per minute. RPM)
  • Stroke length – (how much can node travel back and forth deep into the body)
  • Stall-force – ( maximum pressure amount that gun can apply on the body)

When go for purchasing a massage gun, keep all the above functional features in mind. Some massage guns are providing speed, stroke length, and stall-force different levels, some not. Buy your selected massage gun after 15 minutes trial.

Secondary features

  • Portable – If you have an active lifestyle and traveling is your need, then massage gun portability should be a concern because you will want the device easily to fit in your travel bag. A portable massage gun allows you to use it wherever you want in the gym, on training, and even during travel. Although most new brands are too movable, some old ones are heavier also.
  • Price – Of course, price matters according to product quality. You will always prefer the best budget-friendly percussion massage gun. But costs can be varying from product to product. Expensive brands are offering more power and speed settings, but some less expensive are also doing a great job. Further, while selecting a massage gun, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand. After collecting information, I was surprised some reliable brands provide quality products while others are manufacturing the same product with the same price in low quality like a replica.
  • Manufacturer brand – Further, while selecting a massage gun, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand. After collecting information, I was surprised some reliable brands provide quality products while others are manufacturing the same product with the same price in low quality like a replica.
  • Battery life – If you feel bad to charge a percussion massage gun after every sitting long, battery life is a big deal for you. Typically this feature is more important for professional therapists who want to serve their clients throughout the day, but sometimes battery expires in the middle of the day. Some have interchangeable battery options. Theragun G3 Pro can run for 60 minutes, while the Reathlete deep 4s offers 8 hours on low speed.
    We can clearly say that Battery life is another important factor in the percussive massage gun. The battery life matters the most in any massage gun because you don’t want it to stop in between the treatment. It is also very important that you can take it with you on a trip without getting worried about the battery life. You should buy a high-quality massage gun for a better experience with a long time battery life.
  • Handgrip – Handgrip matters a lot during a massage. A percussion massage gun with a silicone surface on the handle is appropriate for a firm hand grip. Most companies use product handles to store the battery. I prefer an ergonomics massage gun.
  • Noise level – Check the massage gun noise level that you select before purchasing. Some percussion massage guns are much louder that can kill peaceful massage vibes in a spa. Many other massage guns are quiet they only produce 60 decibels of noise. Few massage gun’s noise level varies according to their massage speed.
    In fact, Noise is the most important thing in the massager. Comfort matters the most while using the machine gun. The louder noise can irritate anyone and, you can’t hear anything during the treatment. If you are using the machine close to your ears it will be very uncomfortable to use. Check the noise level and then buy any massager.
  • Massage tips – For which body part you want to use a massage gun? If you wish for large muscles like legs and back, you do not need too many massage heads. Interchangeable different massage attachments are handy like a ball, cone, thumb, and wedge, and bullet for the full body. Standard massage attachments ball or bullet almost all the percussion massage guns have. A variety of massage tips is ideal for a customized massage. But always consider massage guns available with super soft massage nodes before purchase.
  • Angles – A massage gun with multiple angles to massage is an excellent tool. Few massage guns have angle adjustment options. This feature is particularly helpful for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Weight – Because these are handheld devices, so weight is an essential factor. The average percussion massage gun’s weight is around two pounds. I prefer a lightweight device for a comfortable massage with one hand.
  • Design – In the design, we are not talking about aesthetics but the practical side. Well-designed guns are more users friendly. Whatever format you prefer, the important thing is that it encounters your needs. If you are looking for a middle back massage, choose a long handle gun.
  • Warranty – In some cases, an expensive massage gun not works properly. For that reason, always look at the model warranty before investing in it. In case of a premature failure, you can get a warranty claim.
    In short, The quality of the massage gun matters the most. Just because it’s expensive does not mean it’s good so think before you invest money and read the warranty. Consider before purchasing any massage gun especially if you are going to buy it from overseas. Think carefully and don’t buy the defective one.
  • Reliability – Reliability is another essential factor in the massage gun. The percussive massage guns should have the finer manual with the instructions and should treat the injured people more finely. The speed level in the muscle massage gun matters the most. The massagers are built to heal people, relieve muscle pain, and release stress.
  • Size – There are different sizes of massage guns available for treatment. The mini size massage gun is best for taking in the backpack for travelling. Buy a machine that is also easy to hold and use.

Included Extras

It is easier to compare only gun prices without knowing what extra included. Some guns provide carrying cases, extra batteries, and charging dock with the devices, while others charge separately. A mobile app with a lot of information and techniques is also useful. A detailed user manual with the tool is considered best.

  • Carrying case
  • Extra battery
  • App
  • User manual
  • Charging docs


We hope that reading our reviews about massage guns would help you in finding the best handheld massager for yourself. You might have noticed that all the massage devices come with a couple of features and provide different functions, but you do not need them all at once.

Therefore, you need a massage gun that fulfills your needs. We are hopeful that via reading our reviews, being an athlete you can now easily decide which massager fulfills your specific needs

Read the Facts you should be know before buying any massage gun

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